Kang Jun Young

Hometown: Korea

Lives and Works: Korea

‘Romantic Love’ is the theme that runs across all of Kang’s works. His messages may come alive in a scribble-like drawing on a large pottery or in a graffiti style painting on canvas. His artworks, both flat plane and 3D, function as a methodology to offer his healing messages to the audience. His works are heavily influenced by hip hop music and street culture, which defined his lifestyle during his teenager days in Canada, as a collector of Jordan shoes and fan of street graffiti. Now as a man in his mid-thirties, Kang has retained the freedom of expression that he had adopted from the streets of US but has managed to create a unique artistic style of his own. Recent passing of his father has reiterated the importance of family and love and this has influenced his latest works showing houses, more solemn but nevertheless full of emotions. Now a recognized up-and-coming young Korean artist, Kang spent his residency in Beijing last year and is actively participating in exhibitions in Hong Kong, UK, US and Singapore while engaging in interesting collaborations with architects and fashion designers.