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Kayleigh Goh

Kayleigh Goh

Born: 1993

Hometown: Johor Bahru, Malaysia

Based in: Johor & Singapore


Currently based in Singapore, Kayleigh Goh is amongst the most reflective and innovative young artists
in the region. Inspired by the psychological and poetic implications of place, her works are soft and
quiet, gently moving the viewer to contemplate on ideas of home and rest. In the fast-paced life of the
city, she allows us access to a metaphysical space where we can safely unpack unresolved emotions of
despair. Her works then offer a temporary escape from the complexities and incongruities in life.

Using predominantly cement and wood, Kayleigh utilises highly sophisticated methods to create a sense
of serenity. In modern times, society usually associates cement with coldness and Brutalism. The genius
of Kayleigh's work then lies in how she uses the material to create a paradoxical sense of calm. She
explains that her combination of exposed wood and cement connects to her appreciation of hot tea on a
cold day. In the context of 'too much' (too many things to do, too much food to eat, too many thoughts),
Kayleigh strives for balance. The warmth of the wood and the coldness of the concrete work together to
achieve a dissonant, yet comfortable sense of harmony.

Furthermore, the young artist views cement as a homely material. To her, the concrete jungle has
become so infused in our lives that its negative reputation no longer holds relevance. The hard lines
present in her work similarly challenge the general impression that geometric designs hold no emotion.
The 90-degree angles in urban design, the flat colour of our walls and the abundance of cement, have all
become elements of familiarity to the city-goer. Her works thus protest against long-held notions and
instead, embraces the city as her space for healing.

Kayleigh Goh is currently an independent art practitioner based in both Singapore and Malaysia. She
received her BA (Fine Arts) from Singapore Lasalle College of the arts in 2016 and had participated in
various group shows in Singapore and Malaysia. She recently had her first solo show at Gajah Gallery in
October 2018.



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