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Mohammad Zaza

Mohammad Zaza

Born: 1987

Hometown: Aleppo

Based in: Lau


Mohammad Zaza, Syrian artist, was born in Riyadh in 1987. Growing up in an artistic family, he started drawing and painting at an early age. After completing high school in Saudi Arabia, he moved to Syria in 2006 to study at the faculty of Fine Arts in Aleppo University. He held his first solo exhibition in 2008 and, after his graduation in 2010, was appointed as a painting teacher assistant at the University until 2012. Mohammad has held 10 solo exhibitions across Syria, Saudi Arabia and Turkey, in addition to his participation in many group shows and international art fairs. Besides painting on big size canvases mainly, he also works on illustrations and animations.

Solo Exhibitions

2016 Every Change is a Revival - Hafez Gallery, Jeddah
2016 The Earth is Blue like an Orange - Depo, Istanbul
2014 This is Not a Coincidence - Naila Art Gallery, Riyadh
2013 ZAZA - Naila Art Gallery, Riyadh
2012 Faces - Lam Gallery, Riyadh
2011 PINK - Kalimat Gallery, Aleppo
2010 Self-titled - Khan al-Adlieh, Aleppo
2009 Self-titled - Al-Assad Gallery, Aleppo
2009 Self-titled - Hall of People Gallery, Damascus
2008 Self-titled - Gallery Khanji, Aleppo

Selected Group Exhibitions

2016 Behind the Lines - Penticton Art Gallery, Canada
2016 Summertime Freshness - Liquid art System, Istanbul
2012 Group Exhibition - Lam Art Gallery, Riyadh

Art Fairs

2017 Abu Dhabi Art - Hafez Gallery
2017 StArt Doha - Hafez Gallery
2016 Art Central Hong Kong - Hafez Gallery
2016 India Art Fair - Hafez Gallery
2016 Art Stage Singapore - Hafez Gallery
2015 Saatchi Start Art Fair London- Hafez Gallery
2015 Art15 London - Qode Agency



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