Nasser Lubay


Born: 1982

Hometown: Candelaria, Quezon

Lives and Works: Manila

Nasser Lubay is a young Filipino visual artist whose painting art is marked by a rich sense for colour and a dense imagination. His piece "Rebirth", that made him 2nd prize awardee to the Celeste Prize Berlin, exemplifies his vibrant colour spectrum and joyful universe. With "Nursery of Curiosities", the title of his first solo exhibition, he deepened his research into the the theme of cosmic germination and enriched his positive inventiveness with hints of fear and horror. His portraits are remarkable and demonstrate his ability to expand his grammar to a purely figurative world. He recently delved into sculpting and got interested in coding. Committed to improving the world through arts, Nasser Lubay was made a Jollibee ambassador. He is also a source of inspiration to those who educated in non-artistic fields successfully turn to arts (he was educated in mechanical engineering). He was selected to participate in the acclaimed Animamix Biennial: Visual Attract and Attack in MOCA Taipei. He was shortlisted in Kuala Lumpur Design Week and Celeste Prize New York. He was also invited to Ondarte International Artist Residency in Riviera Maya Mexico .



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Price on request

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