Ng Ka Ho


Born: 1990

Hometown: Hong Kong

Lives and Works: Hong Kong

Education 2017 Master degree of Mixed Media, Kyoto University of Arts and Design 2014 Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Visual Art, Hong Kong Baptist University, Hong Kong Exhibitions 2018 Biwako Biennale, Japan ‘Conversations in Ceramic’, Karin Weber Gallery, Hong Kong 2017 UNKNOWN ASIA ART EXCHANGE 2017, Herbis Hall, Osaka 2017 Asia Contemporary Ceramics Exhibition, Aichi Prefectural Ceramic Museum, Nagoya SPIRAL INDEPENDENT CREATORS FESTIVAL 18, Tokyo Graduation Exhibition of Kyoto University of Arts and Design, Kyoto 2016 ‘わん・ONE・碗’, Kyoto Ceramics Center, Kyoto ‘The position in the same kiln’, Artzone, Kyoto ‘Les Freres’ special concert, Syuncyuza Theatre, Kyoto University of Arts and Design, Kyoto ‘Doujidai’, Moto-risei Primary School, Kyoto ‘Spurt’, Gallery Aube, Kyoto 2016 Asia Contemporary Ceramics Exhibition, Taipei ‘Waveform’, PARC Gallery, Kyoto 2015 2015 Asia Contemporary Ceramics Exhibition, China Academy of Art, Hangzhou ‘about sense’, Artzone, Kyoto ‘Doujidai’, Kyoto 2013 ‘Beacon’, Hong Kong Awards 2017 Excellent Award, Kyoto University of Arts and Design Graduation exhibition (Master Degree) Collections Hong Kong Baptist University Private Collection



US$ 2,200



US$ 2,300

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