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Perspective Projection 1 透视投影1 by Renqian Yang
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Perspective Projection 1 透视投影1


Renqian Yang

US$ 1,000


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Stoneware, Underglaze, Glaze 泥,釉下彩, 釉

Unique Work

Dimensions: 13.3cm(H) x 29.2cm(W) x 14.0cm(D) / 5.2"(H) x 11.5"(W) x 5.5"(D)

Note: Actual colours may vary due to photography & computer settings.

Item Description

Caret Down Primary

Perspective Projection is a series of sculpture, which is not about the actual representation of reality but about the relationships among human beings, urban space and the society. The series explores the multifaceted emotions within these relationships. Each side of the sculptures employs different textures, colors and brushstrokes to reveal different characteristics. While each side is different, together they form contrasts and connections. It is like the scenes your eyes capture when hurrying through the streets and crowds. Every side represents its own unique time and space. Viewers will not be able to see all the sides from one fixed perspective. While other sides are partially visible through certain angles, viewers may be driven by curiosity to move around and examine each side of the work. It shows that we are used to see the world and ourselves from one single perspective but inevitably, we are curious about the opposite viewpoint. Based on the complementary colors, the sculptures feature artificial and repetitive brushstrokes to emphasize the combination of urban landscape and the nature, which is defined by the changing colors and curved lines. These series of sculptures are contradiction formed by the juxtaposition of the urban and natural sensations.

这一系列的雕塑与真实的视觉效果无关,而是更接近人与城市,与社会的关系,探讨这一背景下在放大镜下的情绪及其多面性。这种多面性由每一面不同的肌理,色彩以及笔触营造而来。每一面与其它面都产生对立和联系,也仿佛是匆匆忙忙走过街道人群中,不同的视觉停驻的瞬间,带给观者的某些突如其来的感受。 每一面都是一个独立的时间和空间,受到视觉和角度的限制,观者永远无法在一个固定角度同时见到其它的面,而当其它面偶发地映射出的一部分破碎的图像,好奇心由此引发,趋使观者移动步伐,驻足观察。这个系列提醒我们总是习惯性的在同一个角度看世界,看问题,看自己,却又一直对其对立面有模糊不清的好奇心。同样以对比色作为基础,这种人为的,反复的笔触强调出的城市景致和由色彩变化,曲线形成的自然形态混合并置,组合而来一种矛盾体,成为这组雕塑的代名词。

Exhibition History

Literature HistoryMeng Du: The Climb, The Fall, Fou Gallery, New York, 25 June–7 August, 2016. (Brochure)

Meng Du: Remembrance, Rochester Institute of Technology NTID Gallery, Rochester, New York, May 3–17, 2013

Literature History

Meng Du: The Climb, The Fall (exhibition brochure). Text by Michael Rogers. New York: Fou Gallery, 2016.

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"Mengdu was awarded Honorable Mention at the International Exhibition of Glass Kanazawa 2016." Art China, 21 November 2016. http://art.china.cn/zixun/2016-11/21/content_9171321.htm?from=groupmessage&isappinstalled=0

Feng, Yuanya. "The Climb, The Fall: Revealing the Time Through Glass." Art China, 25 October 2016. http://art.china.cn/huihua/2016-10/25/content_9109180.htm?from=groupmessage&isappinstalled=0

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Wang, Sue. "New York Based Artist Meng Du’s Solo Exhibition “The Climb, The Fall” to be Presented at Fou Gallery" (exhibition preview). CAFA Art Info, 20 June 2016, illustrated.

"Meng Du: The Climb, The Fall." Art China, 17 June 2016.

Cordaro, Cordell. “Glass Tiger-- Meng Du.” Art House Press, June 2015.


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