Sandeep Dhopate


Born: 1975

Hometown: Mumbai, India

Lives and Works: Mumbai, India

Sandeep’s works explore the intersections between religion, spirituality and sexuality often questioning our current moral values system established through a mass blind acceptance of a generalised truth.
His unique visual style, Indian in its aesthetics, uses colours and symbolisms to further his stories. His approach towards staged portraiture creates a tension between what is real and what is fiction. By challenging widely held understandings of Indian culture, he employs a narrative style that blurs the lines between reality and fiction often forcing the viewer to think about parallel interpretations of contemporary beliefs. A recipient of several awards, he has regularly displayed his works at exhibitions and photo festivals both in India and internationally. AWARDS AND EXHIBITS - India Culture Lab - Mumbai 2017 - “Tritiya Prakriti (Third Nature)” - Addis Foto Fest - Ethiopia 2016 - “Elysium” - The One Fest Goa - India 2016 - “Elysium” - Part of 10 internationally selected group of artistes for a collaborative research program titled “Disappearing Dialogues” in Art Ichol, Maihar, Madhya Pradesh. Works to be exhibited at the India Habitat Centre in December 2017. ( -, USA, February 2016 - Featured - “Elysium" -, USA, January 2016 - Featured on the homepage - "smaraNa - A -Recollection" Invited by IIT for TechFest -2015, Mumbai 2015 - Named by as one of the top 9 artists in India who are exploring sex and sexuality in important ways. ( - Dali International Photography Festival, China 2015 - "Protean" - Athens International Photo Festival, Greece 2015 - "Fighting Into Oblivion" - Kala Ghoda Arts Festival, Mumbai, India 2015 - "Epistolize" - Goa International Photography Festival, Goa, India 2015 - "Protean" - Focus Photography Festival - Mumbai, India 2015 - "Dancing Into Oblivion" - Focus Photography Festival, Mumbai, India 2013 - "Katari" - Director’s Choice Award - Adjudged by Mr. Arko Dutta - World Press Photo Of the Year Winner, Mumbai 2012 - PX3, Paris, France - HON. MENTION - 2011 - PX3, Paris, France - HON. MENTION - 2012 - PX3, Paris, France - HON. MENTION - 2013 INTERNATIONAL COLOR AWARDS, USA - Nominee 2012 - FORBES INDIA magazine - 3RD PLACE (BATTLE OF THE INDIA’S CONTEST) 2011 - LONELY PLANET Magazine - TOP 50 Emerging Photographers in India 2010