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Thomas Jopson

Thomas Jopson

Hometown: Tacloban City, Leyte

Lives and Works: Cebu City


Born in Tacloban, twenty-five year old Thomas Jopson grew up with a natual affinity for art that touches around realisnm albeit otherworldly. He went from playing with action figures he sculpted out of old rubber slippers to what is now painted on a canvas, which he attributes to the comic books and animated films that he spent his childhood with. He brings with him fresh visual takes on everyday settings and characters depic- ting a whimsical fantasy of the life that surrounds him. His type of art has also brought him to delve into storyboard and conceptual art projects in many Cebuano films today.

Jopson is among the roster of Qube’s resident artists. His first exhibit, “Imaginary Friends”, effortlessly captured the warmth of both new and familiar collectors gracing the Cebuano art scene. While Jopson has just recently become a full-time artist, his works has already been displayed in ManilArt 2014 and in the 6th Edition of the Art Apart Fair Singapore 2015.


We don't have any works from this artist at the moment. Get in touch at contact@theartling.com to find out more.