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Cross overBy Ana del Valle Ojeda

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US$ 600



Oil Paint, Oil on foam board

Unique Work

Dimensions: 75cm (H) x 105cm (W) / 29.5" (H) x 41.3" (W)

Note: Actual colours may vary due to photography & computer settings.


This item ships from Spain

Please note that this item is framed and will be shipped flat

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Artist Statement

This is a framed artwork which measures 70x100cm unframed and 75x105cm framed.
It is very light since it is painted on foam board

I did it plein air during a one month stay at a cow farm in Normandie (France). I only used red, black and white since I was more interested in the atmosphere than in the actual green and blue local color.

It was a small family farm where there was also a little cottage to rent out. This path in the painting is where the cows crossed twice a day in order to graze and to be milked. The buildings in the distance are the house of the family and the milking room.

Once I got to see how a cow farm works I stopped consuming milk products. The family was lovely and the animals were treated well. But certain things were hard for me to accept; for example: the baby cow is separated from the mother a few hours after it is born and they never see each other again. The baby is put together in a barn with other baby cows and fed by bottle; all the male babies are sold for meat after a few months; if a cow is not able to get pregnant she is sold to make meat and the same thing happens to the cows once they have had babies several times.


Artist Profile

Born: 1980
Hometown: Burgos
Based in: Spain

I was born in Spain in 1980 and have mostly lived here except for five years I spent in New York in my mid twenties; It was then that I started painting as a kind of "naif outsider". This changed when I applied for a painting workshop with Spanish painter …


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