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Textile (Cotton, Fabric, Thread), Thread and pins on wood

Edition of 20

Dimensions: 76cm (H) x 76cm (W) x 2cm (D) / 29.9" (H) x 29.9" (W) x 0.8" (D)

Note: Actual colours may vary due to photography & computer settings.


This item ships from Russia

Please note that this item is unframed and will be shipped flat

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Artist Statement

The Lion portrait is a majestic gift for Leo friend, a perfect highlight for interior design and an inspiring wall hanging to cheer your creativity and give you good vibes every now and then.

The original string art technique that created this stunning piece involves wrapping several kilometers of a continuous mono-thread around an evenly spaced circle of 200 aluminum pins. The thread cross, re-cross, and crisscross a circular area above the flat wooden board. The image within the circle is achieved by the painstaking and complex choice of 4300 connections between the pins. After the first 30 connections that make up the image, the number of possible knitting variants exceeds the number of atoms in the Universe! So it’s simply impossible to reproduce this artwork by guesswork or to untangle it with your mind...

Just think, by what kind of magic does the same string that produces only random noise around the image suddenly condense and accurately repeats the complex shape? That's quite amazing... As if by the creator's plan, the string meticulously draws the figure in the air, and from this unifying beginning, the entire piece is interconnected... even the smallest element is an inseparable part of the whole, which brings up deep symbolic meaning to the artwork and makes it a fascinating and insanely intriguing gift.

So treat yourself or your loved ones to an exquisite object full of artistry, originality, and deep inner meaning.


Artist Profile

Born: 1979
Hometown: Moscow
Based in: Moscow

I'm an artist and mathematician from Moscow - the city with one of the world's most prominent math schools. I've always been fascinated by fractals and other patterns occurring in dynamical systems. That turned out to be directly related to classical string art. It takes some research and calculus to …


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