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VishudhaBy Anna Sokolan

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US$ 200



Acrylic, Acrylic and acrylic primer on board

Unique Work

Dimensions: 30cm (H) x 30cm (W) / 11.8" (H) x 11.8" (W)

Diameter: 30cm / 11.8"

Note: Actual colours may vary due to photography & computer settings.


This item ships from Ukraine

Please note that this item is unframed and requires crating for shipment

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Artist Statement

Vishuddha (or Throat Chakra) is the sky blue chakra found at the base of the throat.

Chakra functions

The main sphere of influence of this chakra is creativity and self-expression. The energy flowing through Vishuddha allows us to use speech, express thoughts and feelings in words, and give us the ability to convince and be an authority for others, which means it helps the personality to be realized as a leader and organizer.

In physiology, Vishuddha is associated with the general state of health, particularly the throat and cervical region.

Vishuddha perceives the high energies of the mental and spiritual planes, which are then transformed into the energy of creativity. Thanks to such energy, an individual manifestation of personality take place in the material world. At the level of this chakra, insights appear that gives an outlet for the unique genius of the personality, this chakra is also called the "door to freedom".


Artist Profile

Hometown: Ivano-Frankivsk
Based in: Ivano-Frankivsk

My name is Anna Sokolan
I was born in Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine.
I am currently engaged in contemporary painting and icon painting. I love to experiment in art, applying new techniques and knowledge. I also study psychology and socionics. I love learning and discovering new faces in everything I interact with.
Studied at art …


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