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MF7UA4By Ce Jian

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US$ 4,800



Acrylic, Acrylic, marker on canvas

Unique Work

Dimensions: 36cm (H) x 48cm (W) / 14.2" (H) x 18.9" (W)

Note: Actual colours may vary due to photography & computer settings.


Please note that this item is framed and will be shipped flat

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Artist Statement

The CAPTCHA series takes the concept of the computer-generated, distorted alphanumerical codes that users have to decipher to prove that they are humans instead of bots as a basis for random abstraction. Pushing painting towards a vision test, they address the problem of a 'correct' reading both in the context of discerning human from computer vision and looking at abstract art. The CAPTCHA's algorithmic nature is opposed to an emotionally driven abstract painting, which tries to reflect the programmed image creation that looks arbitrary but is in truth determined by constructive rules. This inherent contradiction becomes the starting point for an abstract painting method that works in relation to computer graphics, while deliberately abstaining from using it.


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Artist Profile

Born: 1984
Hometown: China
Based in: China

Ce Jian has always been drawn to the intersecting realms of technology, knowledge and visual experience, of artistic and non-artistic image production. Usually she begins with relatively concrete concepts and digests and transforms them through the process of painting, thereby allowing the rational idea and formal structure to collide with …


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