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Blue Eucalyptus DiptychBy Christine So

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US$ 480



Cyanotype, Hand-printed cyanotype on cotton watercolor paper

Unique Work

Dimensions: 61cm (H) x 91.4cm (W) x 0.3cm (D) / 24" (H) x 36" (W) x 0.12" (D)

Note: Actual colours may vary due to photography & computer settings.


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Artist Statement

Price is for TWO prints of the same size, each measuring 60 x 45 cm (24 x 18 inches). Together they measure 60 x 91 cm (24 inches h x 36 inches) before being framed. Once on the wall with a gap between them, they will cover much more space horizontally, about 50 inches (over 125 cm).

All my botanical cyanotypes are unique monotypes. They were made using real branches from fallen trees in the woods near my house in northern California. Though these resemble block prints or screen prints, they are actually a form of photography called a cyanotype, photogram or sun print. A traditional single-exposure cyanotype yields a white silhouette against a dark blue background, but I have expose some parts of this image to light less than other parts yielding the mid tones of blue you see. What you see is a multiple-exposure lensless photograph.


Artist Profile

Born: 1970
Hometown: San Francisco
Based in: Oakland, California, USA

I live in the woods in northern California. Whenever I leave my house I am under an endless web of tree branches. Their silhouettes have etched themselves into my memory over the decades.

My paintings and prints are always nature-inspired and nearly always monochromatic. Each one is an immersion in …


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