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Foggy Morning PinesBy Christine So

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US$ 250




Cyanotype, Hand-printed cyanotype on cotton watercolor paper

Edition of 3

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Note: Actual colours may vary due to photography & computer settings.


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Artist Statement

At 18 x 24 inches (45 x 60 cm), this size is the largest of all my original hand-printed photographs. This one is part of my growing foggy forest series of the woods near my house in northern California across the bay from San Francisco. These have an antique look because I used the using the cyanotype process which was invented in the 1800s. All of my hand-printed cyanotype photographs are “contact photos”, which means that the large negative is exactly the same size as the paper that the photo is printed on because the negative is laid directly on top of the paper while it is being exposed. It is cumbersome working with a breakable 30-inch sheet of glass at this scale.

 The paper is a heavy 100% cotton hot press watercolor paper with a slight texture. Slight variations of shades of blue exist from edition to edition as each print was hand-painted with photo chemicals in the dark and printed in natural sunlight with variations in the weather and intensity of light causing some prints to be darker than others.


Artist Profile

Born: 1970
Hometown: San Francisco
Based in: Oakland, California, USA

I live in the woods in northern California. Whenever I leave my house I am under an endless web of tree branches. Their silhouettes have etched themselves into my memory over the decades.

My paintings and prints are always nature-inspired and nearly always monochromatic. Each one is an immersion in …


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