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Steel, Steel

Unique Work

Dimensions: 77cm (H) x 77cm (W) x 10cm (D) / 30.3" (H) x 30.3" (W) x 3.9" (D)

Note: Actual colours may vary due to photography & computer settings.


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Artist Statement

Cosmoselector's collection of geological samples of exoplanets. Each sculpture represents a geophysical formation of a planet outside the solar system.

Sample collected on the planet: "PROXIMA CEN b"
Constellation: CENTAURUS
Ascension: 14h 29m 42s - Declination: -62 ° 40 ’46”
Stellar distance: 4.23 light years.

Rocky, arid, gray, monochrome planet. However, the first steps raised a very thin layer of opaque dust under which rhomboid formations of strident colors have been found. What is this?
A cross section has been removed from the outer region of what appears to be an ancient cliff. Upon analysis it has been discovered that each color belongs to a chemical element with such a high level of purity that its origin is unlikely to be natural. Order, shape, composition that make me suspect an artificial genesis.


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Artist Profile

Born: 1984
Hometown: Madrid
Based in: Madrid

Cosmoselector (Madrid, 1984) is a young interdisciplinary and eclectic artist whose work represents a journey looking for the beauty trapped within the sedimentary geology that nature draws in the today known to science exoplanets.

The discovery of the “unexpected” has always been a powerful catalyst for human creation and improvement. Indeed, …


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