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Glide, Don't Gild


Glide, Don't Gild by island6 六岛 (Liu Dao)



Glide, Don't Gild

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Rgb led display, paper collage, teakwood frame

Unique Work

Dimensions: 103.0cm(H) x 103.0cm(W) x 5.5cm(D) / 40.6"(H) x 40.6"(W) x 2.2"(D)

Note: Actual colours may vary due to photography & computer settings.

Item Description

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They say that “all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.” Really, we should explain what type of play is permitted. We need a list of appropriate games that will surely not corrupt the minds of our youth, that will foster obedience and commitment to continuous revolution. Our youth are our glory, and the key to winning the big game… For example, Monopoly, with its origins in bourgeois apologist ideology should be required play for the population; this, of course, with modification to the rules that includes the ability to flip the table and seize the means of production when circumstances become unfair. Or dou dizhu, but with the context of the good old days. These games, of course, involve struggle; they are work too. We should consider permitting students to take time out of the fight to relax a little bit—we don’t want them getting dull! Maybe build some swings?

DATE: Made in island6, 2019


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Artist Profile

Born: 2006

Hometown: Shanghai

Lives and Works: Shanghai, Hong Kong, Phuket

island6 六岛 (Liu Dao) is a Shanghai-based collective of tech-geeks and creative talents whose driving force is collaboration. Since its inception in 2006, this dynamic international group has produced multimedia art that muses on the relationship between the delicate qualities of traditional art and the technical complexities of the contemporary. Artists from diverse disciplines converge to contemplate the past, present, and future of China through their humorous and innovative new media work. Their unique collaborative philosophy explores the cultural potential of the convergence of art, technology, and science in their quest to promote cross-cultural dialogue. Liu Dao's ever expanding repertoire includes works in diverse mediums such as LED art, video art, interactive art, neon, photography, painting, sculpture, and dynamic laser art, among others.


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