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Sand stormBy Ivana Olbricht

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US$ 3,800



Acrylic, Acrylics, varnish on canvas

Unique Work

Dimensions: 90cm (H) x 120cm (W) x 2cm (D) / 35.4" (H) x 47.2" (W) x 0.8" (D)

Note: Actual colours may vary due to photography & computer settings.


This item ships from Slovakia

Please note that this item is unframed and will be shipped flat

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Artist Statement

An original one-of-a-kind abstract landscape.
Inspired by deserts, sand storms, buried cities, hot stones, oasis, and Fata Morgana.

Several layers of earthy tones with a touch of silver (Fata Morgana) come to the surface if looked at from different angles. The artist's signature technique uncovers the base layers and creates a gentle texture.
There is strong warm energy coming from the painting.
- countless details.
- no mass production
- I don't sell prints

Acrylics on stretched canvas protected with matt varnish. I don't dilute to paint to keep the pigment structure strong and stable.
Ready to hang. The painting covers the edges of a wooden frame.

Each of my paintings comes with a certificate of authenticity, hand signed by me.

Signed on the back, but I can sign it on the front as well upon the customer's request.

As an artist, I can only present what has stimulated my own curiosity and creativity which is always something different. Each of my artworks is unique and original. My artwork as well the life is full of surprises, no day is the same. We experience happiness, sadness, peace, uncertainty, nostalgia, hope, you name it. Therefore you’ll find in my portfolio abstract landscapes, expressionistic as well as minimalistic paintings where each subject and style celebrate the synergy of disparate elements, seeking harmony amidst the chaos, and highlight the interconnectedness of micro and macro, density and spaciousness, physical and immaterial. My objective is to break the stereotype boundaries and test new techniques to push my process to its limits. The gentle texture, signature technique, and plenty of details will guarantee that you will find something new that you didn’t see the previous day in the painting. I don’t dilute the paint to keep the pigment structure strong which prevents the painting from fading. You will receive the artwork with the certificate of originality to protect your investment in my art.


Artist Profile

Born: 1978
Hometown: Zilina
Based in: Lysica

An established internationally collected abstract artist born in 1978 in Slovakia. Ivana Olbricht is well known mainly for her statement and bold artworks. Her unique technique is applied in various subjects and styles from the abstract landscape, vivid and colorful expressionism to clean minimalism. Thanks to layering and spontaneous color …


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