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Salty Waters


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Salty Waters by Jacqueline Gomez


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Salty Waters

US$ 369


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Graphite Pencil, Chinese Black Ink and W&N Artists Watercolour on Textured Archival (acid & Lignen Free) Paper.

Unique Work

Dimensions: 48.9cm(H) x 31.2cm(W) x 0.1cm(D) / 19.3"(H) x 12.3"(W) x 0.0"(D)

Note: Actual colours may vary due to photography & computer settings.

Item Description

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Influenced by the abstract minimalist compositions of traditional Japanese & Chinese ink paintings where blank spaces 'yohaku' are an integral part of the composition and a signifier of zen 'nothingness' or 'mu'. The abstract shapes and tones of the composition were my first consideration. Linear lines were kept simple, cross contouring the forms and textures of my subjects..

The rich copperish hue that I could only see in my minds eye my minds eye at first, was finally achieved after a few sample tests. A strong mixture of raw umber & light red watercolour got the result desired.

The mangrove tree loosely referenced a few life sketches I had done of them, a few years back on a trip to a desolate seaside haunt of many photographers, where they grew, old and twisting, their roots exposed, shooting out of the salty muddy waters beneath, gnarled, petrified reminders of life on a desolate seascape..

Protected with Krylon UV Protective, Acid Free, Archival Fixative

Comes with a signed 'Certificate of Authenticity'


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Certificates of Authenticity with each artwork

Artist Profile

Born: 1980

Hometown: Kelantan

Lives and Works: Selangor

I have been incredibly lucky to be able to create art as my professional vocation for more than 15 years. Being able to explore and delve into this passion deeply full time, is a gift I am continually grateful for...
Style: I tend to lean towards realistic renderings with abstraction coming into play to hopefully create exciting & mentally stimulating pieces.. The human form is one of my favourite subjects at the moment but I am on a continuous journey of creative discovery in style and content..

Inspiration: Being of Anglo-Indian descent and growing up in the urban multi racial & cultural, sunny shores of Malaysia has undoubtedly shaped my worldview and driven me to always try to represent diversity in my work as much as possible. My conceptual pieces are usually developed and inspired by what lurks within the pages of my second love - books, and the inevitable influences of the unique and 'exciting' times we live in.. I see the persistent honing of my artistic skills as integral to creating, and exploring and developing my skills in differing mediums and techniques is one of the many amazing and ever inspiring parts of the process.

Distinctions: Featured & interviewed on Hypp TV 'The Art Gallery' in 2013, which features some of the most promising emerging & established artists in Malaysia.

Graduated from Lim Kok Wing University College (2004) with a Diploma in Visual Art but has been on the whole, mostly self taught.

Minut Init 2016 (In One's Skin: Group Exhibition on Nudity)
Minut Init 2016 (VDA Freakshow Group Exhibition)
Midas Touch 2013
Minut Init Art Galleria 2013
Midas Touch 2012
Minut Init Art Galleria 2012
Minut Init Art Galleria 2011
Minut Init Art Galleria 2010
Lim Kok Wing Gallery 2003
MIA Gallery, Kuala Lumpur 2002


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