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Bus Window 5By Kobi Walsh

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Textile (Cotton, Fabric, Thread), Archival pigment print on acid-free hahnemühle 100% cotton paper

Edition of 15

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Note: Actual colours may vary due to photography & computer settings.


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Artist Statement

The Bus Window series examines time as a variable, uncontrollable factor in defining the feeling and atmosphere of a composition as defined by color and light. When we strip away conventional expectations and subjects of a landscape, we are left with the unique, ephemeral feeling of a passing moment in time as defined by light and color. The Bus Window series takes a seemingly ordinary subject like landscape passing by the window of a bus, and by extracting fragmented, yet temporally contiguous, instances of light and color I believe we create the most authentic visual timestamp of individual moments in time.

The Bus Window series is printed on a much thicker stock Hahnemühle watercolor paper in order to bring out the dimensionality and depth of the work. The textured ridges of the paper absorb the archival pigment ink creating an effect of depth as you feel as if you’re falling into the surface of each piece.

For me, all subjects exist as fluid, their surfaces ever-changing by way of variations in light, time, and perspective. Through my photographic work, created entirely without digital manipulation, I aim to highlight the unique combinations of these factors that give life and soul to the surrounding atmosphere and to the present moment. At the core of my work I explore how these variables along with the differences in our subjective perspective define the unique feelings we associate with commonplace subjects.


Artist Profile

Hometown: Chicago, IL
Based in: Brooklyn, NY

Kobi Walsh is a Brooklyn-based multi-disciplinary visual artist whose work investigates the relationship between light, space, and time in order to communicate the subjectivity of the present moment and the constancy of change. He captures intricate impressionistic fragments of light and time in order to parallel the fragile nature of …


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