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Collage, Paper collage on wood

Unique Work

Dimensions: 206cm (H) x 146cm (W) x 4cm (D) / 81.1" (H) x 57.5" (W) x 1.6" (D)

Note: Actual colours may vary due to photography & computer settings.


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Artist Statement

Each piece: 103 x 73 x 4 cm

"25" are a series of 4 works of pictorial art with paper on wood, based on collages, as a part of the exhibition Frequency.

"The utopian quest for perfection is the origin of the series "Frequency". As a human being and also as an artist, I am aware that this "perfection" is unattainable but even so, it is pursued... that is precisely the dream.

Frequency is the cyclical dynamic that expresses itself in everything that surrounds us. Nature, the universe itself in expansion and retraction... As part of it, we are subject to evolutionary cycles. Everything expresses itself in a repetitive and constant way; day, night, seasons...

The circle represents this perfection. The perfect equidistance between two points. Historically, cultures, religions, or spiritual movements in the search for knowledge, have shared this element as a sacred symbol.

The search for perfection is almost more an act of faith, the virtual reality that leads us to unknown consequences, or to look into that inner black hole in the hope of discovering our true identity." Miquel Mesquida, 2021

A sculptural installation and a series of pictorial works on paper, based on collages (glazed with varnishes and wax), give rise to the exhibition "Frequency".
As a result of a creative process developed since the end of 2019, Mesquida offers a personal interpretation of perfection expressed through his study about the circle; reflections shaped as a result of an intensive period of observation. An analysis of his personal universe, in that pursuit of perfection which is intangible but constantly longed for and valued.


Artist Profile

Born: 1954
Hometown: Mallorca, Balearic Islands
Based in: Manacor

Miquel Mesquida (Manacor, 1954)

As a self-taught artist, he is characterized by his constant and captivating creative restlessness, which leads him to materialize and configure a very varied ideology, a consequence of the inspiration he finds, both in his own intimate and personal questions and in the diversity of cultural influences, …


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