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SamataBy Nano Warsono

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US$ 5,300



Acrylic, Acrylic on canvas

Unique Work

Dimensions: 200cm (H) x 200cm (W) / 78.7" (H) x 78.7" (W)

Note: Actual colours may vary due to photography & computer settings.


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Artist Statement

SATMATA is based on appropriation from the painting of Leonardo Da Vinci, Salvador Mundi, but transformed into a comic style visual with new images and different gesture liked graffiti. The words on the wall “God Has No Religion” is the quote from Mahatma Gandhi, is to criticize the situation in the world in general and in particular in Indonesia. Many conflicts were generated because of their believes (religion) even though they were used for political manoeuvring and power struggling. The iconic quote from Gandhi and the figure of Jesus Christ from Salvatore Mundi are perfect representation against this situation. Satmata is the name of Nano’s favourite local Javanese character who has a similar history with the image and also has the same idea with Gandhi’s quote.


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Artist Profile

Born: 1976
Hometown: Yogyakarta
Based in: Yogyakarta

Nano Warsono emphasis is on socio-political contexts. Nano’s art life process is about fictions and histories. He works with binaries of anti-capitalist, anti-materialist, anti-west position, on comparison of capitalism/materialist equal to economic and social ills, predator and victim, East versus West, etc. Nano may have influenced ideologically by post-colonial theories, …


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