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Acrylic, Acrylic on canvas

Unique Work

Dimensions: 180cm (H) x 180cm (W) / 70.9" (H) x 70.9" (W)

Diameter: 180cm / 70.9"

Note: Actual colours may vary due to photography & computer settings.


This item ships from Slovakia

Please note that this item is unframed and requires crating for shipment

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Artist Statement

I have a wish. I want to be able to look upon today's world without any skepticism or doubts. I want to believe that our everyday visual perception isn't influenced by ideologies or power. I wish to contribute to the dialogue about virtuality and fast pace in our lives with something utterly authentic - a piece of viewer's own imagination. Painting has been reclaiming its autonomous domain. Living in era of the virtual, of media fatigue and visual overflow, we start to see real value in things that are asking for their own place and time. In my line of work, I conduct research on abstract painting. This kind of painting is challenging the viewers to slow down and use their own imagination. There is a moment when it expands into space and creates environment, in which the viewers eventually become a part of the art piece.


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Artist Profile

Born: 1985
Hometown: Bratislava
Based in: Bratislava

2011 – 2016
PhD. study on Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava, 4th studio of. prof. Ivan Csudai
2005 – 2011
Department of Painting on Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava, 4th studio
of. prof. Ivan Csudai
2004 – 2005
Matej Bel University in Banská Bystrica, Faculty of Humanities, Visual Art Didactics
2000 …


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