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The Stuff of Live Streamers-The TrekkerBy Qingjun Huang

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Giclée Print, printed on photographic paper

Edition of 8

Dimensions: 100cm (H) x 75cm (W) x 0.1cm (D) / 39.4" (H) x 29.5" (W) x 0.04" (D)

Note: Actual colours may vary due to photography & computer settings.


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Artist Statement

Lao San the Trekker

40 years old, from Cangzhou, Hebei Province
Streaming room: His truck driving room
Room area: 2.5㎡
The most important 'stuff' for streaming: His truck

Lao San has been a truck driver for nearly 20 years. With a remarkable driving record of 3 million kilometers, Lao San has travelled across every province of China, no wonder he credits himself as a ‘trekker’. When he began his live-streaming career in Kuaishou, he surprisingly found that it is much more convenient and straightforward to convey professional ideas for trucks by live streaming. Up to now, Lao San has more than 700k followers on Kuaishou, whilst 70% of them are truck drivers. Trucks and driving topics are always the favorite topics of his live-streaming room. As his passion shows, Lao San’s 'stuff' are either for trucks or live streaming. As the new year is coming, Lao San hopes to add a Dajiang aircraft to his personal ‘treasure’, so that he could promote his live-streaming career——yet he certainly needs to get permission from his wife first.

The Stuff of Live Streamers
The sudden pandemic in 2020 has limited our outdoor activities. People’s daily life and expending habits have changed dramatically during the past two years. We that live in the post-pandemic era tend to know the society through smartphones, thus making short video streaming rooms a pathway to show talent. I intended to shoot a new branch of the series, by the end of 2021, so I turned to Kuaishou for support. With the help of Kuaishou and days of efforts to get engaged and suited, I have acquired permission from live streamers with great characteristics and shot their ‘stuffs’. These streamers consist of a professor in the university, an actor, a truck driver, grassroots, a bodyguard, a small business owner, a food deliveryman, an intangible cultural handcrafter and a streamer for carrier pigeon matches. Sadly I did not have the chance to cooperate with the other streamer due to the impact of the pandemic. These works provide a perspective to observe the live streaming career. As the development of IT technology gives us broader room and freedom to choose from, streaming rooms become an epitome for Internet changes, personal success, productivity development and expenditure upgrade. Meanwhile, the ‘Fellowship’ which originates from streaming rooms also provides people with spiritual belongings. Our focus on their ‘stuff’ and living tools bear witness to the changes and development of our times.

Huang Qingjun


Artist Profile

Born: 1971
Hometown: Beijing
Based in: USA

Qingjun Huang
A freelancer artist. He was born in 1971 in Heilongjiang, China. He has been engaged in photographic art creation for 28 years, and currently lives and works in Peoria, IL USA.

Huang Qingjun's representative works are Steam Locomotive from 1992 to 2002 and Family Stuff from 2003 to the present. …


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