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Geocube IBy Seda Saar

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US$ 7,500



Acrylic, Acrylic on canvas

Unique Work

Dimensions: 91.4cm (H) x 121.9cm (W) x 6.4cm (D) / 36" (H) x 48" (W) x 2.5" (D)

Note: Actual colours may vary due to photography & computer settings.


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Artist Statement

The artwork is framed.
Framed: Height: 36.5 H x 48.5 W x 2 D inches
Unframed: 36 H x 48 W x 1.5 D inches

In my new works, I continue my exploration of radiant and interactive surfaces with an innovative technique of creating digital compositions, then physically layering, and painting luminescent colors that move and change as you move around them.

My involvement in the Light and Space movement of Southern California was born out of the experience of open spaces on the coast where I lived for decades, although growing up in London, I encountered the modern movement and Bauhaus, studying Interior Architecture in urban environments of glass and metal; later in the freeway laden Los Angeles, I was driving half-blinded by the intense sun reflected on the mirror-like surface of the great Pacific, off the coast highway, I personally experience everything I am exploring.

I was drawn to Picasso’s Analytical Cubism early works and studied them in my teens- later Frank Stella’s Protractor Series and early abstract compositions intrigued me as to how shapes interconnected or refracted light or energy, depicted in Robert Delaunay’s Orphism compositions that derived from Cubism, giving priority to light and color in my own work.

Like many of these artists, I reject the Abstract Expressionist practices of using an accident, favoring instead the controlled formal geometry of Minimalism, using materiality.
I relate the faceting or simplification of geometric forms, to the association of mechanization in our modern life. Futurist and Cubist paintings fused the past and the present, but the multiplicity of the views in my work blend time and space distorting our views of relativity and creating the tension of what is reality. As the viewer moves or surrounding light conditions alter, these works seem to shift subtly, creating complex spatial and temporal dynamics. Like Mary Coarse said:
“Where there is space, there is time...”


Artist Profile

Born: 1961
Hometown: Malibu
Based in: Los Angeles

Seda Saar
Award-winning Los Angeles based Iranian -Armenian artist Seda Saar has been recognized by museum curators and institutions for her meditative abstractions. Her works appear in private collections across the globe, from modernist homes in the Hollywood Hills and West Hollywood, to London, Toronto, New York, Dubai, and Tokyo. …


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