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HANAFUDA SHOUZOKU #28 by Shinya Masuda


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US$ 1,000


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Archival Pigment Print, PrintPaper : Hahnemuhle Fine Art Pearl,

Edition of 5

Dimensions: 53.0cm(H) x 39.8cm(W) / 20.9"(H) x 15.7"(W)

Note: Actual colours may vary due to photography & computer settings.

Item Description

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One day, I unintentionally spoiled a box of fruits and vegetables that my mother had sent from my hometown, without even taking them out of the box. I stared down at the veggies lying in the box, which now became their coffin. The sight pained me, but at the same time, it reminded me of my late grandmother’s pet phrase, “all things must pass.”

Once their time in this world has passed, all life lose forms. That’s only natural. While recognizing that providence, I also yearned to capture the remnants of love that my mother must have sent along with those items. The veggies’ value as foodstuffs may be lost, but a piece of my mother’s heart must linger still. Before even that vanished, I wanted to embalm those rotten foods for a proper send off.

I chose Hanafuda as a motif for the last rites.

Hanafuda, or flower cards, is a traditional Japanese card game consisting of a deck of 48 cards, which are divided into 12 suits of 4 cards each. Each suit represents a month of the year with a flower or a plant of that month. In most suits, two of the cards show a plain version of the flower or the plant, while one of them in most suits depicts a tanzaku, or a poetry ribbon, along with the flower. The top card features the flower along with an animal, a bird, or the moon.

The combination of the cards such as “a drink over cherry blossom” expresses some of the Japanese heritage of enjoying ephemeral beauty particular to that month or the season.

The grandmother who taught me the concept of impermanence also taught me how to play the game of Hanafuda.

The seasonal foodstuffs from my mother will depart, dressed in motifs from Hanafuda I played with my late grandmother. I remain in this world to capture the moment when my mother’s love transforms from “a matter of love” to “a record of love.”


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Artist Profile

Born: 1965

Hometown: Tokyo

Lives and Works: Tokyo


Shinya Masuda was born 1965 in Nagoya, Japan. He currently lives in Tokyo.
A French chef turned photographer.
After graduating from Nagano Art and Design School, majoring in Visual Communication Design, he worked as a commercial photographer at photography department of design production company.
He then met Mr. HASHI, the Action Still Life photographer in New York, and studied under him for a year and half at HASHI STUDIO TOKYO.
He now works as an artist.
In 2013, after winning an award at art competition in London, he has begun working internationally.
In 2018, he participated at World Photo Festival in Italy and Contemporary Photography Biennale in Paris for the first time.
In 2019, with support from The Center for Fine Art Photography, his first solo show in United States will open in October.

Solo Exhibitions
2017 “Hanafuda Shouzoku” Sony Imaging Gallery Ginza,Tokyo
2016 “Katsuko” Artemis Art Gallery, Publika,Kuala Lumpur (Kuala Lumpur International Photo Awards Exhibition)

Selected Group Exhibitions
2019 Portfolio ShowCase Volume 12,The Center for Fine Art Photography,State of Colorado Fort Collins,USA
2019 Portfolio 2019,Atlanta Photography Group (APG)
2018 LensCulture Emerging Talent Awards Exhibition,Klompching Gallery,Brooklyn,NY
2017 LensCulture Winter Exhibition,Klompching Gallery,Brooklyn,NY
2017 Sony World Photography Awards ,Sony Imaging Gallery Ginza,Tokyo
2017 8th Annual Center Forward Exhibition,The Center for Fine Art Photography,State of Colorado Fort Collins,USA
2017 The Fence,Brooklyn,Boston,Atlanta,Houston,Santa Fe,Durham,Denver,and Calgary,USA and CANADA
2017 Sony World Photography Awards 2017,Somerset House,London,UK
2016 FAUX Exhibition,The Center for Fine Art Photography,State of Colorado Fort Collins,USA

Awards & Honors
2019 Portfolio ShowCase12 (ShowCase Solo Exhibition Award Winner)
2018 Critical Mass Top 50 (Top 50)
2017 LensCulture Emerging Talent Awards (Winner)
2017 Sony World Photography Awards (Professional Group Still Life Category 2nd Place)
2017 8th Annual Center Forward Exhibition (Director's Honorable Mention)
2017 The Seventh Annual Exposure Photography Award (Winner)
2016 FAUX Exhibition (Director's Honorable Mention)

Arts festival
2018 Biennale of the Tangible Image (MAIRIE DU 20EME ARR.,Paris)
2018 Umbria World Fest (PALAZZO TRINCI,Foligno,Italy)
2018 Color Cue Explorations in Perception Projection (SantaFe,USA)

Features / Publications
2018 National Geographic ITALIA
2018 Issue No.13 of AINT - BAD
2018 Italian newspaper “il manifesto ” (Nov 10, 2018)Umbria World Fest 2018
2018 The Best of LensCulture, Vol. 2
2018 Gente di Fotografia Numero71 Photographic Culture Magazine,Italy
2018 NRC Media Holding,Amsterdam

2017 Review Santa Fe


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