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Feeling good


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Feeling good by Xiaoyang Galas


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Feeling good

US$ 1,300


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Mixed media on canvas

Unique Work

Dimensions: 60.0cm(H) x 60.0cm(W) x 4.0cm(D) / 23.6"(H) x 23.6"(W) x 1.6"(D)

Note: Actual colours may vary due to photography & computer settings.

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Artist Profile

Born: 1973

Hometown: China

Lives and Works: France

Xiaoyang Galas is an Chinese artist living and working in France. She studied Fine Art (Painting) and received a master’s degree in Chinese art history & art critic from the Sichuan Fine Art Academy, China.

In her paintings Xiaoyang seeks to bring together the East and West. Her technique, often mixed, acrylic, oil, collage and plant tissues, can give an impression of patching. This effect, seem far from inconsistent or incongruous touch in its simplicity. The artist is not afraid to mix colors and honeyed acids. She also uses writing: Chinese, French and English characters, frequently used words in the Holy Bible.

“There is so much darkness and sorrow in this world, I no longer want to paint the dark side. I would like my art to be a tribute to the beauty of this world… I want it to be heart warming for all people… a message of peace and love…”

“For me, life is a journey with a purpose, art is a game with meaning. “

The artist expresses artistically the sole hope of being able to transmit a message of peace and love. Her gift is to magnify what is essential in life.

Xiaoyang Galas’ artwork is held in private and public collections all over the world.


Private collections in Usa, Canada, France, Switzerland, Sweden, Germany, Italy, Monaco, Greece, Turkey, Kuwait, Australia, Japan, China, Argentina.
CDE, Geneva, Switzerland. Galerie Cathédrale, Fribourg, Switzerland. Rentes Genevoises collection, Geneva, Switzerland.
Shi San Art Gallery, Hong Kong. Taiwan Galery, Taiwan.

Public collections: City of Evian, France. Time Museum (Swatch Group), Geneva, Switzerland.


2017 Personal exhibition, Résidence les Hauts de Genolier, Switzerland.
Collective exhibition, Rotary Club, for the Inserm research, Reims, France.

2016 Large painting ordered for the Royan Caribean Ovation project, London, UK.

2015 Personal exhibition, Résidence les Hauts de Genolier, Switzerland.

2014 Collective exhibition, Galerie d’art Saint Genis, France.
Collective exhibition, Galerie Cathédrale, Fribourg, Switzerland.

2013 Personal exhibition, CDE, Geneva, Switzerland.

2012 Personal exhibition, Galerie Cathédrale, Fribourg, Switzerland.
Collective exhibition, Galerie Regard, Sainte Maxime, France.

2011 Personal exhibition, Le Devoir School, Châlon Sur Saône, France.
Personal exhibition “Be with you”, J5 Art Gallery, Montreux, Switzerland.
Personal exhibition, Galerie Regard, Sainte Maxime, France.
Personal exhibition, “Love, hope and believe”, Clinique de Genolier, Switzerland.
Personal exhibition, “Le temps des émotions”, Cité du Temps, Geneva, Switzerland.

2010 Collective exhibition “Les peintres du Léman”, Evian, France.
Collective exhibition, Galerie Open Art, Dijon, France.

2009 Collective exhibition, JMA Galery, Vienna, Austria.
Personal exhibition, Genolier, Switzerland.
Collective exhibition, Art & Déco Galery, Bordeaux, France.

2008 Collective exhibition “Les peintres du Léman”, Evian, France.

2006 Collective exhibition “Les peintres du Léman”, organized by the city of Evian, France. Painting “Coucher de soleil sur Evian” got the 1st price of the city.
Collective exhibition “Maxill’art”, Maxilly, France.
Personal exhibition “Love never ends”, Neuvecelle, France.
Personal exhibition, Sorens, Switzerland.
Collective exhibition, Gallery Des Arts et des Hommes, Ploeren, Bretagne, France.

2005 Personal exhibition “Eyes of paradise”, Château de Fonbonne, Evian, France.
Collective exhibition, Fortunes Rocks Fine Art, USA.

2004 Collective exhibition “Spring colors”, Clinique de Genolier, Switzerland.
Collective exhibition, Galleria Luna, CA, USA.

2003 Personal exhibition “Echo of Nature — from China to Leman”, Gallery Zabbeni, Vevey, Switzerland.
Personal exhibition “Colour and Poetry”, Clinique de Genolier, Switzerland.

2002 Personal exhibition “Cross Villages – From China To Europe”, Rentes Genevoises, Geneva, Switzerland.
Collective exhibition “Spiritual Diaries”, Leda Fletcher Gallery, Geneva, Switzerland.
Personal exhibition, Gex, France.
Personal exhibition, Nyon, Switzerland.


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