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Multidimensional-nature 01By Zhou Chengzhou

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US$ 500


Canvas Print, Printed on canvas

Edition of 5

Dimensions: 150cm (H) x 100cm (W) / 59.1" (H) x 39.4" (W)

Note: Actual colours may vary due to photography & computer settings.


This item ships from China

Please note that this item is unframed and will be shipped rolled

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Artist Statement

Abstract is the natural nature of the universe, and it is also a visual way of human understanding of the world.
Human beings can feel the universe by abstract reading. In disguised terms, it can also be understood as an aesthetic barrier, but some people can find some new ideas in these obstacles and apply them to later life activities.
Of course, it comes from the concrete, the microscopic existence in the macro, like the gods give them new life, and present in the contemporary sense of the world.
Abstract art do not shoot the specific object as the goal, these works are non rational, each one has its unique texture, and traces through the visitors to read the reading and expression of a message, thus forming a communication, no theme and story, completely rely on their own aesthetic the ability to create thinking, imagination, aesthetic to complete.
These works form a new kind of thermal abstract photography through the combination of unique irrational colors, blocks and rational and conceptual points, lines, shapes and compositions, each of which has its unique texture, traces and a kind of information to be read by visitors, thus forming communication. The relationship between them and visitors, the exchanges between visitors and visitors, this is its charm. This is the essence of the artist‘s expression. He hoped that visitors would give him many visitors ideas and then put them together to annotate each piece of work, such as mountains and rivers, aerial photographs, concepts, microscopes and so on Abstraction is the natural essence of the universe and a visual way for human beings to understand the world. Human beings can feel the universe through abstract reading. In disguise, it can also be understood as aesthetic obstacles, but some people can find some new ideas in these obstacles and apply them to their own life and work in the future. Of course, it originates from representations, and microcosms exist in macroscopic, as if gods have given them new life and presented them in the contemporary sensory world.


Artist Profile

Hometown: ChangDe
Based in: Beijing

Zhou Chengzhou was born in Changde city in Dec. 1982.
Graduated from Peking University, He is an artist and film director. His director's representative works are the art film Sub-subconscious and Time provider etc.
He is mainly engaged in artistic creation and research in the field of spiritual consciousness. His works also …


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