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Sneak Peek of Duddell's UK Debut at Historic St Thomas Church, London

This autumn, Hong Kong’s acclaimed social and cultural destination brand Duddell’s will launch its new restaurant space at Borough’s St Thomas Church in London. The Hong Kong-based Michelin-starred Cantonese restaurant is known for its art programme featuring lectures, talks, screenings and exhibitions of the most relevant artwork to the region today.

To inaugurate Duddell’s UK debut, a pop-up exhibition of Hong Kong- based artist Nadim Abbas will be held. His sculptural installation in the exhibition, "Human Rhinovirus 14", is a visual mock-up of the eponymous virus—also known as the common cold. The abstract imagery of enlarged virus is projected onto several beach balls which are kept floating in the air using centrifugal blower fans, creating an unsettling effect.

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Inside Asia's Most Instagrammed Museum

About an hour's ride away from Manila is the Pinto Art Museum, also known as Asia's most Instagrammed Museum according to Instagram's geotagging data. Located in Antipolo city, the contemporary art museum covers 1.2 hectares with seven open-air art galleries and beautifully-landscaped grounds.

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Artist of the Month: Yao Hai

Our Artist of the Month for June is Chinese artist Yao Hai whose deconstructive art practice is based on the post-structuralist philosophy of Jacques Derrida

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Art Busan 2017

The nationwide fair returns for another edition this year!

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