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10 Designers to Look Out For in November 2022

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10 Designers to Look Out For in November 2022


10 Designers to Look Out For in November 2022

Megalith Coffee Table, Marble Edition by Duffy London

This month, we have put together a curated selection of 10 designers to watch out for in November! These designers utilise a range of techniques to achieve their intended aesthetic. From luxurious furniture to delicate ceramics, these designers combine form and function through their innovative, hand-crafted, and inspired pieces. Scroll down to check out our new designers to watch out for in November! 

Françoise Jeffrey

Modder Guidance by Françoise JeffreyIconLink

Each of Françoise Jeffrey's ceramics are hand-made, coil-built, organically shaped, and unique in its own imperfect way. Her works reflect her love for timeless designs. For the Netherlands-based designer, the beauty in design not only lies in minimalism and purity but also in its ability to be subtly bold. Françoise's objects are mostly off-white, brown, or black, absent any glaze. She works intuitively without a plan or drawing when she begins her creations. However, every shape she makes turns out exactly as intended - perfectly imperfect. She is inspired by the Japanese philosophy of wabi-sabi and by her mother who taught me the beauty of life. 

More Works from Françoise Jeffrey

Modder Slowing Down


Modder Getting There


Modder Stepping Up


Modder Serendipity Black


Los Angeles-based designer Jason Mizrahi specialises in contemporary furniture. Born and raised in California, Jason pursued his passion for design at the Pratt Institute in New York City. Upon receiving his degree in Architecture, he returned to Los Angeles and founded his own design studio. Blurring the line between furniture and sculpture, Jason's designs are compositions that come in minimal and fluid forms, defined by proportion and unrestrained by convention. His pieces embody a collective balance of timeless elements rooted in art, architecture, and fashion. In constant search for the perfect balance, his work represents a fusion between solids and voids, lines, and shapes, both minimal and expressive.

More Works from Jason Mizrahi

Anabelle Chair


Loop Chair II


Sia Bench


Luna Chair

Polish designer Paulina Teter creates ceramics with strong textures in shades of grey and black. Her vases are raw and inspired by wabi-sabi, combing natural materials such as wood, branches, tree bark, feathers, and shells. Paulina draws inspiration from the forest that is close to where she lives. Firing her ceramics using a primitive pit firing technique, she achieves a unique combination of grey, silver, and black in her textural works. 

More Works from Paulina Teter

London-based Noe Kuremotoo was born in Osaka, Japan and graduated in Fine Art with First Class Honours from Central Saint Martins College of Art. As a ceramic artist, she makes everything by hand using simple tools. She is known for playful sculptural work that takes the form of functional wares. Noe's pieces mix child-like simplicity with contemporary sophistication and incorporate her background in Fine Art and Design with her cultural heritage. She shares the traditional Japanese view that spirits are everywhere, especially in nature. For Noe, the truth of our universe can be found in the wilderness. 

More Works from Noe Kuremotoo

Shimekazari 2


Haniwa Warrior 81


Haniwa Warrior 55


Haniwa Warrior 52

Christopher Duffy founded Duffy London in 2002 while working as a part-time furniture buyer after graduating from the University of Brighton with a BA in Product Design. Chris and the Duffy London team are now based out of a studio in Victoria Dock, East London. Duffy London's designs are ideas-based that combine art and function, playing with the concepts of gravity, geography, and optical illusion. Chris works with a talented team of designers, artisans, and manufacturers to turn these concepts into high-quality pieces of luxury bespoke furniture. All his works are hand-made in his London studio by a skilled team of craftsmen using sustainable wood from the Forestry Stewardship Council and other eco-friendly materials and mediums. Duffy London's works are divided into six main collections: Abyss, Solo, Megalith, Up! Balloon, Swing, and Meeting Pod. Chris and the Duffy London team are constantly exploring new mediums along with the latest cutting-edge techniques as part of their ongoing mission to apply innovative modern design to the world of furniture and sculpture. 

More Works from Duffy London

Shadow Chair


Abyss Horizon Coffee Table


Kronos Dining Table


Kronos Coffee Table, Marble Top

Based in Guadalajara, Volumaen Design was founded by Manuel de la Mora and Lourdes de la Mora in 2014. The duo works at the intersection of both architecture and design, focusing on the functional and the sensitive. They generate comfortable spaces according to a user's needs, allowing them emotionally appropriate in the environment in which they evolve. Manuel and Lourdes find inspiration in the uninhabited places, in the conversations of daily life, and in the collaborations with those involved in each project. 

More Works from Volumaen Design

SENSATA coat rack

French artist, designer, and creative director Arthur Vallin holds a Master's degree in Art Direction from the prestigious design academy Penninghen located in Paris, France. In 2010 he moved to New York and joined Harley & Company as a partner to develop and lead their creative team. He extended the design studio's capabilities, creating award-winning projects ranging from immersive experiences, set design, digital innovation, global campaigns, and more. Arthur's passion and dedication to the creative process motivate him to constantly discover new manufacturing techniques and innovative shapes which he brings to life through hand-picked materials executed by the best French craftsmen. 

More Works from Arthur Vallin

Chubby Table in Lacquer


Chubby Table in Lacquer


Chubby Console Wood



Based in London, Claire Lardner Burke has been working with clay for the last twelve years. She has long been fascinated and inspired by the natural process of time upon things, the beautiful unique marks and colours created by age and weathering, and the inherent relationship between strength and fragility. In her delicate pieces, she seeks to capture the dichotomy of this process. Claire expresses this through the beauty, quietness, and power of rock and stone. 

More Works from Claire Lardner Burke

Pebble Pod with Rutile & Pink

Aristotelis Barakos is an award-winning product designer based in Athens, Greece. He was born in Munich in 1984 and grew up in a tailoring family and subsequently moved to Athens at the age of ten. He initially studied physics, but his aptitude for making things led him to the world of design and to study product design in Athens. The works he designs range from decorative items and everyday objects to state-of-the-art devices and systems. 

More Works from Aristotelis Barakos

Théros 0.1


Sermon Candleholder Satin brass finish


Sermon Candleholder Black Patinated Brass


Taco de Luz / Black patinated brass


Kira Ni is a Latvian designer who is based in London. She is the founder of her own design brand, Kira Ni Ceramics, which she established in 2014. Her primary method of creating is a traditional hand-building technique with coils using stoneware or porcelain. The process of making hand-built ceramics is relatively slow-paced and repetitive, hence everything is produced in small batches and intended to be treasured. 

More Works from Kira Ni

Set of 5 Porcelain Spheres

Browse the full collection of designers to watch out for in November 2022 here!

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