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10 Large-Scale Artworks to Bring Your Space to Life!

ByLaure Lansonneur
10 Large-Scale Artworks to Bring Your Space to Life!

08.10.2018 by Stephane Villafane

The demand for large-scale pieces of artworks has recently increased and risen in popularity - but the questions we ask ourselves is whyLarge artworks do not necessarily always need to be in an art gallery or a museum to be appreciated: they work very well in every kind of space and in every style!

Large artworks are powerful in that they draw immediate attention to themselves the second someone enters to space its in. They help fill up your empty walls and allows everything else in the room to work around it, in terms of its themes, colors, shapes, and patterns. It can also make your job easier to find other pieces of art for your wall. Large-scale art pieces are best displayed in lobbies (hotel, office etc.), corridors, or even your living room to add class and energy.

The Artling looks at 10 large-scale artworks to help bring your room to life!



 Mother and Child - Gidon Bing

"Mother and Child" (120cm(H) x 240cm(W) x 6cm(D)) by Auckland-based Sculptor Gidon Bing is a sculptural wall relief exploring biological and topographical asymmetry. The artist used distressed and patinated Brass, Steam-bent plywood, and micro layered thermal shellac to create this piece. 

Much of his practice has developed from Intergenerational relationships in sculptural ateliers in central Europe and the Middle east providing him with access to classical and Avant Guard movements, ideas, and techniques. His approach to developing his craft emulates methods and relationships of a past era, when skills were attained by watching the masters’ hands.

"By working cellulose and other fibres into clay I am able to build large works that have texture as well as increased strength and unexpected lightness when fired and finished. By manipulating electrochemical processes I achieve organic deposits/patination’s on various alloys."


La Muralla Roja #1 - Gregori Civera

" La Muralla Roja #1" (120cm(H) x 190cm(W)) is an architectural Photography by Gregori Civera, showing La Muralla Roja by architect Ricardo Bofill. 

 "I am a Barcelona based photographer curious about the details. Mostly shooting people, places and architectrure."


Overgrown - Anthony Padilla

"Overgrown" (152.4cm(H)x243.8cm(W)x5.1cm(D)) by Anthony Padilla is a diptych of two large jungle paintings. Anthony is a native Texan living and working out of Brooklyn NY. 

"My paintings are intended to connect the viewer into the beauty and wonder of our natural world. Here, I really wanted to go large and have the jungle seem like it’s grown out of control or “overgrown”"


Uninterrupted - Julia Swaby 

"Uninterrupted" (120cm(H) x 150cm(W) x 3cm(D)) by Julia Swaby is a mindscape piece, reflecting on the luxury of having uninterrupted time to be creative. It is a painting of gratitude for the calm to be derived from working in solitude.

"This sense of solitude was cherished from my childhood, growing up in Gloucester and spending silent time away in the countryside. Clouds in my work always represent thoughts of some kind and here there are set upon a jade and deep blue background."

There are swift black strikes, which have been softened and these were painted with a pheasant feather. Charcoal has been scattered to add trails of intermittent ideas.


Slipping Away - Pandora Mond

"Slipping Away" (152cm(H) x 152cm(W)) is an artwork by London-based artist Pandora Mond. Pandora draws deep from an organic palate. Her works on canvas are all about texture and surface producing a three-dimensional presence, space, and beauty. 

"My paintings are internal landscapes. They aim to evoke rather than describe the vastness and beauty of the natural world, to create an immersive space for quiet meditation in our harried lives."


05.05.2017 - Stephane Villafane

"05.05.2017" (200cm(H) x 150cm(W)) by French Painter Stephane Villafane is an acrylic painting on Canvas. Stephane trained as an architect and as a result his primary interest when it comes to painting is space and its relationship to time. How one can formulate different types of space; empty space, constructed space, natural space, meditative space and so on.

"In order to explore and discover new space, I see it vital to empty my paintings of a narrative or a subject. My process consists of observing things from a distance, which involves working across different media including photos, sketches, and models before I arrive at a painting on a large scale".


Sheer Urbanism VIII (Large) - Signed Limited Edition - Serge Horta

This Limited Edition Print (100cm (H) x 150 (W)) is a Giclée Print on Fine Art Paper, showing an apartment block in Hong Kong, 2018 by Serge Horta. Serge is a Hong Kong based documentary photographer. Through his academic training in architecture, he is able to capture impossible order amidst the chaos of cities. His photographs are the result of a hypnotic obsession with how different cultures live, adapt and interact with the built environment, from the perfectly manicured suburb to the sprawling slum. 


Vanishing Point - Rattana Salee

Rattana Salee's metal sculpture "Vanishing Point" (200cm(H) x 200cm(W) x 50cm(D)) reflects the private and communal complexities of urban living. Evidence of supposed progress, the Thai capital has become one vast construction site. The builder’s raucous rattle of drill and hammer shakes almost every street in the city, while inhabitants seek mental and spiritual solace in the claustrophobic rectangular stacks they call home.

"Attempting a personal connection with the geographic, social, and psychological framework of the cityscape, my sculpted frames evoke the decaying towers that still pierce the capital’s skyline, residues of economic fallout from the 1997 financial crisis. The devotion to the medium of sculpture, constant engaging in a dialogue with vast city space, and a focus to the socio-political commentary of particular cultural surroundings render my work to be a paradigmatic representation of urban art-oriented practice."


TWILIGHT II - Ruwan Prasanna

"TWILIGHT II" (213.0cm(H) x 276.0cm(W)) is a large-scale acrylic painting by Sri-Lankan artist Ruwan Prasanna. Ruwan is a determined emerging talent who has come a long way since exhibiting in the 2004 Kala Pola.

"Birds inspires my abstract compositions and they continue to be presented as an evolving series of work titled 'Bird Unknown'. The form and colour often resemble a flock or a cockfight, with calmness in the overall composition that provides the balance and creates harmony therein."


 Kerya - Sumit Mehndiratta

"Kerya" (144.8cm(H) x 261.6cm(W)) is a vibrant archival ink print on Epson matte finish Canvas by Sumit Mehdiratta. This vibrant printmaking with archival inks lasts more than 30 years in vibrancy and color saturation. Sumit enjoys making artworks from different mediums that please the mind and soul of the individual. Describing his style of work, the Delhi-based artist avers,

“My main genre of work is nature and abstraction, which is prominent in most of the works. I love abstraction and the fact that everyone perceives it differently. It brings me pleasure to see how people relate to different shapes and colours, and interpret them differently.”

Your art collection is a meaningful part of your space - incorporating large-scale artworks will add life, personality and visual impact!

You can browse more large-scale artworks here, available on The Artling!

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