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11 Geometric Abstract Works with Striking Compositions

ByShuchita Kapur
11 Geometric Abstract Works with Striking Compositions

L’aurore by Natalia Ostapenko

Geometric Abstraction became the new and most talked-about art style in Paris in the 1930s, making use of an abstract art style coupled with geometric forms. The artwork style ranges from monochromatic and minimalist works to those that makes use of overlapping figures and a palette of vivid hues. The versatility of this style makes it the ideal addition to any space while adding a pop of contemporary edge and character. 

Scroll down and check out some of these works of geometric abstractions by artists on The Artling: 


 Untitled #7 - Audrey Barcio

This painting by American artist Audrey Barcio examines where the heritage of Modernism intersects with the tools of the Virtual Industrial Age. Audrey looks for inspiration in the historical archives of Modernist abstract paintings in search of that which evokes in her a sense of the universal. 

She begins by preparing her blank canvases with grey and white checkerboard patterns. She then begins to paint in the compostion she had planned previously, and while doing so she reponds to instinct and modifies the composition freely. The painting makes use of hues of black, white and red which offer a stark contrast and add to the defined geometric figures. 

Guido Klumpe is a German photographer who often finds inspiration in Architectural settings. This photograph is part of his current series "Loosing one dimension", which explores the transition in which three-dimensional architecture dissolves into two dimensions and abstracts. 

"The artist explores his own way of seeing: He is blind in one eye, the other has a visual capacity of 25%. He lives in a simulated three-dimensionality."

He photographically superimposes various components of cityscapes such as walls of houses, bollards or car roofs to achieve this dimensional transition. 


 L'aurore - Natalia Ostapenko

This painting by Ukrainian artist Natalia Ostapenko is part of a series of Geometrical Abstract works while reflect the diversity of various states and seasons of Nature. ''L'aurore'' means the Dawn, the very special moment when morning rays brings us a new day.

L'aurore has a subtle palettes of colours making it easy on the eyes, while the symmetry adds a balance to this geometrical composition. Opon observation, one can feel as though the sun is rising from the center of the painting while it's rays make way illuminating the horizon. 

Deconstruction Satellite_0929 is a photographic print by the London-based commercial photographer Michael Frank. This work is part of a series which explores the the realm between reality and fiction. 

Purely based on the viewer's perception, the work questions if a series of simple abstract textures can embody a new meaning. In the eyes of different viewers, could these textures resemble another image and look like something entirely different than just a collection of cuts and scratches. 

Inspired by music composition, Dennis Towers finds many affinities in musical and visual imagery. 

"The weight of tone and color, the movement of line and melody, the rhythm of repetition, the harmony of inter-leaving balance, and more."

The bold colours used to form the geometric figures and the stark composition reminds one of the dramatic slurs and twists of a music composition. 


 Sunrise Sunset 2 - Ania Luk

This is a limited edition print by artist Ania Luk. For this piece, Ania Luk uses subtle hues of warm and cool colours which contrast each other, like the sunrise and sunset. The use of geometric figures to compose the figure of a woman along with the textural nature adds depth to the work.

She often finds pleasure in painting women and uses an abstract, non-defining space to highlight the beauty of the human body. 


Already Exists - T.M.A

'Already Exists' is a digital collage by the UK-based artist T.M.A who also has roots in music production and DJ-ing, which have both been major influences in his work. T.M.A draws inspiration from city life and the natural decay of urban spaces. 

For this piece, T.M.A brings together elements of collage work found imagery and textures which are then put together as a digital collage to create this original piece of work. 


Primary Structures - Peter Zimmermann

The Primary Structure (2007) was from Peter Zimmermann's Book Cover Painting series, meant to deconstruct the recognized cultural publications, including well-known dictionaries, travel guides and food books.

He uses colourful motives in this series of works with multiple transparent layers of epoxy resin as a medium which gives the work a reflective gloss almost like a laminated book. 


Equilibrium (No. 6) - Benedict Ros

Part of the Equilibrium series, this piece by Manila-based visual artist Benedict Ros is work of pen and ink on acid-free paper. 

"Benedict’s rare works in pen and ink have been described as “meticulously masterful in both method and madness” "

One can see the influence of his background as an architect as well as a musician in this work. The careful lines and structures coupled in with the motion and movements portrayed in the work give 'Equilibrium' a depth and flow. 



Untitled 2 - Li Wenguang

This is a work by the Shanghai-based artist Li Wenguang. Almost a decade ago, the artist developed a representative geometric motif which he continues to evolve to this very date. 

The artist's meticulous process is conveyed through the careful symmetry of the geometric pattern and the shading within each of the components. Very recently, Li Wenguang's work has been featured in an exhibition presented by The Artling and Studio Gallery, called 'Extro-Science Fiction Notes'. 


ASSEMBLE NO.2 - Anna Church

Assemble no.2 is fine art print Limited Edition by Toronto-based artist Anna Church. Anna practises the art of 'Sculptogrophy'. In this, she builds her artwork from an array of surprising elements and then uses photography to capture these creations. This enables her to convert her 3-D creations into a 2-D piece which can then be enjoyed by people as wall art. 

This photographic print on archival paper has detailed textural elements and monochromatic hues. 


We hope you enjoyed viewing these contemporary pieces of geometric abstractions. The Artling offers a wide range of abstract artworks by artists from all over the world - view more contemporary artworks here

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