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12 Eye-Catching Prints for Your Space

ByJenevieve Kok
12 Eye-Catching Prints for Your Space

Power - Kotaro Machiyama

This week, The Artling has put together 12 of our newest prints by talented artists from all over the world. Prints come in a variety of materials from acrylic, canvas, alumium prints, to matt and semi-gloss paper prints. These contemporary artists explore diverse themes through abstractgeometric, and figurative art styles. Both easy to maintain and visually striking, these eye-catching prints add intrigue to any space! 

Pattern Number 90 by Nicholas Lokasasmita


Pattern Number 90 - Nicholas Lokasasmita

"Pattern Number 90" is a vibrant, abstract print by Indonesian artist Nicholas Lokasasmita. The artist uses form, shape, and color to create a pattern within his abstraction, creating an identifiable style seen throughout his work. He begins by using ink on paper, or more traditional mediums such as paint, pencil, pastels. He then creates multiple patterns, digitalizes his drawings, and combines these patterns into one final composition. 

"My works are all around in patterns, shapes, and abstraction form. I mix all media in my works, mostly using traditional ink with broken brush."

Intentionality is derivative by Collin McEachran Smith

"Intentionality is derivative" by Collin McEachran Smith was made with artificially intelligent algorithms and advanced digital tools such as subject selection and content-aware auto-population. Smith then transforms material objects into these captivating compositions. His work addresses ideas of erasure and regeneration; human and non-human mark-making; and scarification in the anthropocene epoch.

"My work broadly examines how human relationships with non-human objects and technologies inform the ideologies that produce the spaces we inhabit."

Tippling Landscape (#11) by Tina Rim 


Tippling Landscape (#11) - Tina Rim

"Tippling Landscape (#11)" a quirky, geometric print by Singaporean artist and graphic designer Tina Rim. Her understanding of form and colour translates into a pictorial language that brings certain character and balance to her works; what results are aesthetically composed geometric abstractions.

"As an interdisciplinary designer, I love experimenting with printed media and finding ways to apply tactility to my work." 

Hiding from myself by Mime


Hiding from myself - Mime

"Hiding from myself" by French artist Mime explores the notion of the self and perspective in different situations. Mime is inspired by his travels and numerous visits to second-hand libraries. These trips have led to the creation of collages, which are made up of images from second-hand books. His works draw on the aesthetics, antiquity, architecture of Egyptian culture as well as his own contemporary experiences.

"I browse, source, skim, cut, clip, trim, hide, and glue visages and busts from all time periods and eras. My work represents my mood or experiences that have left their mark on me in some way."

Be different by Kotaro Machiyama 


Be different - Kotaro Machiyama

"Be different" by Kotaro Machiyama is an original acrylic work on canvas print. For this Japanese artist, the process of composition, extraction of colors, and the reconstruction of them helps him to detach from the standards of everyday life and think in a manner out of the ordinary. The outcome is a creation that includes more “confusion” than “comprehensibility”, keeping in mind that “confusion” helps one think in a time frame not of the present.

“I believe that the desire to get closer to an object that I am attracted to and thinking about it in a time frame other than the present is the process and result of a creation derived from an attractive object and the capturing of it on a flat surface."

BAKERSFIELD #2 by Matthew Enger


BAKERSFIELD #2 - Matthew Enger

The imagery of "BAKERSFIELD #2" by Matthew Enger is inspired by a musical movement - the Bakersfield sound, a sub-genre of country music that emerged in the mid-to-late 1950s. Enger aims to create visual depth with color combinations and abstract movement in his work. He uses a technique that he developed over the years, which he calls cast acrylic on canvas. The result of this is a high-gloss surface that resonates with visual depth.

“My work is a metaphor, which employs historical fact as well as fantasy, that explores the daily struggles of people in a crowded, technological, wondrous, and frustrating society.”

Nymphea Pool by Pauline Di Valentin 


Nymphea Pool - Pauline Di Valentin

"Nymphea Pool" by French artist Pauline Di Valentin is an ink drawing on paper depicting lost architecture in the midst of abundant vegetation. In this print, a pastel villa stands in an isolated district, in the middle of a dense jungle, breaking our bearings. The ink, diluted and blured, creates marbled effects, transparencies, and gradations. A palette of pink and green hues dominate the artwork in which architecture and nature collide to create an imaginary setting.

"From one image to another, we find a resonance between the varieties of plants and trees, architecture, colors, objects, and the characters who seem to respond as belonging to the same place; to the same idea." 

Figure 009 by Yod


Figure 009 - Yod

"Figure 009" by Yod is a figurative print with a central squared figure built out of blocks amidst a striking red circle and calm blue sky. In this work, the Russian artist aims to convey man's addiction to the virtual world, and our intellectual vestigiality that is apparent when compared to artificially acquired knowledge augmented by wild digitization

"My work captures aggregated images of modern citizens residing in a new environment: a fusion of digital reality, hyper-information, capitalist economy, liberal philosophy, and some attributes of digital art."

Urban City in Snow by Chiho Yoshikawa


Urban City in Snow - Chiho Yoshikawa

"Urban City in Snow" by Chiho Yoshikawa is an abstract print inspired by her bird's-eye view of downtown Toronto in winter. Her works have been noted for their vibrant colors, brisk brushstrokes, and textural depth. Chiho exaggerates her tones and scale in service of a larger truth, which is her own personal depiction of reality. Within the boundaries of these works, light and colours move with the passion that come from the artist’s unique experience with the physical world around her.

"My approach is a blend of my outer perception with my inner thoughts and emotions. A merge that is evident through the idiosyncratic, intimate portrayals of the natural world."

In Ecstasy II by Shirren Lim

"In Ecstasy II" is a black and white photographic print by Malaysian photographer Shirren Lim. Here, she uses photography to explore the mysticism of Bhutan's Cham dancers, an ancient Tibetan Buddhist ritual, through contemporary imagery.

"Immerse yourself in timeless pieces and let me take you to my black & white sublime world."

Festival by Tetsuya Toshima


Festival - Tetsuya Toshima

"Festival" is a whimsical print by Japanese artist Tetsuya Toshima. Inspired by notions associated with time, Toshima strives to visually communicate its universality and fluidity, entangling its fragments through a wide variety of methods and mediums.

"I am always competing against time. Time governs both life and death. The basis of time - past, present, and future - act as proof of one's existence. Therefore, I sometimes fall into the illusion that I am being swept away in the flow of time."

SLATE by Neil Burnell


SLATE - Neil Burnell

"SLATE" by Neil Burnell was captured just before dark on a moody evening in the UK where the beautiful slate rock stands alone on a remote beach in the South West of England. Burnell's career in Graphic Design has given him a unique style in his photography, and his eye for perfection shows in this remarkable photograph.

We hope you liked our list of eye-catching prints! If you would like to browse more of our artworks and prints, check out our curated art collection. If you need additional guidance or have specific requirements, you can have a look at our art consultancy services, or chat with our expert curators on any product page.

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