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12 Female Sculptors You Should Know

ByAmabelle Chandra
12 Female Sculptors You Should Know

Image Courtesy of Naoka Tosa

Art history has been traditionally very male-dominated, but in the past few decades this status quo has shifted significantly. Within this, we’ve seen a rise in female sculptors breaking through boundaries and using material in new and unonventional ways. Keep reading for a list of 12 female sculptors to watch.

Lin Fanglu is a contemporary artist exploring the traditional tie-dying of the Bai women community in Yunan, China. Experimenting and implementing traditional craft techniques in her artworks, her Light & Hammer series is a work made from cotton, bamboo, and dye that transcends cultures and languages. It is a work that is complex in reference to Chinese traditional crafts and history and to the art world itself. The mixture of shapes respects the past with playful serenity. For those in the look out for contemporary yet traditional additions, her pieces will definitely be the center of attention!

"Ask yourself, what would you be like without art? Hopefully we will never know." - Karmin Schafer Hansen

Meticulous craftsmanship and patience, the sculpture's core is composed of natural wooden reeds, each meticulously hand-dipped in a pristine coat of white paint. The Lost and Found series is a modern distinctive work of texture and detail. The artist Karmin Schafer Hansen has harnessed the beauty of natural materials and transformed them into a captivating work of art. With its timeless elegance, this radiant white sculpture effortlessly harmonizes with any color palette, fitting for any room in your home.

Light, organic, and soft, Latvia sculptor Dace Sūna is an artist who has a fascination with the elemental natures of this world. Inspired by everyday sights of clouds, snow, moss, light, space, feelings, and truth, she has created a sculpture titled Follow The Deer. It tells a story of synchronicities and invisible light and is a custom-made neon light in a deer antler shape. Illuminating even the darkest spaces, this sculpture radiates brilliance!

Figurative sculptures by mixed-media French artist Beatrice de Domenico are made from wire and thread. Interesting works to admire, Le Grand Orchestre and At the Bottom of the Pool are inspired by traditional and classical art. Starting the process by creating a lively nervous drawing from wire, she saw it come to life, supporting it into a three-dimensional work. If you're a romantic at heart, Beatrice's artwork will undoubtedly evoke a deep sense of intimacy and a special connection.


"I am endlessly inspired by the raw, imperfect beauty of the everyday. Wrinkled sheets, a creaky floorboard…a chip in an old loved tea cup. Imperfection to me is a life of loving use. " - Greyya Jay

A grand tale of the lights, shadows, and geometry of earth. Lore is a primitive wall sculpture that was hand-sculpted with paper and cement on wood. What is fascinating about this sculpture is that each version will be different from Greyya's hand-sculpting. Resulting in an abstract display, Greyya Jay is a sculptural relief artist that is drawn to using organic elements and natural hues in her sculptures. Her creations embody minimalism, geometric precision, and abstract elegance – an ideal choice for those who embrace the 'less is more' philosophy in decor.

Abstract, introspective, and contemporary, Laurence Elle Groux is an artist known for her accentuated organic shapes in her abstract sculptures. Her artworks Jasper Red and Reminiscence, are visual journeys that invite curiosity by playing with the movement of materials and blending tangible objects into expressions of energy and beauty. Make these exceptional artworks a cherished part of your space!

Reflecting the private and communal, Rattana Salee shows the complexities of urban living. Metal and architectural structures, Rattana’s sculpted frames evoke decaying towers living in Thailand. The constant dialogue brings to light the socio-political commentary of her cultural surroundings. As she tries to create a personal connection with geographic, social, and psychological frameworks of the cityscape, Reverse Gravity is a work that enders Rattana Salee’s art to be a paradigmatic representation of urban art oriented practice. Experience her unique perspective on city life by adding this piece to your collection.

The Trace series forms a spiral trajectory from flexible molding. It’s concept is an innovation of its technique, creating an interesting organic form. Believing that the essence of pottery lies within its shape of hollowness, ceramic artist Haruka Miyanaga continues to pursue her visualization and structure through her sculpture works. Elevate your space with Haruka's artistry and infuse your surroundings with tranquility.

Calm and contemplative, Osseous is a one-of-a-kind glass sculpture that is made of two opaque white glass panels. The effect of delicate lace in the center disintegrate as holes form. The glass panels remain as glass webs, its strands creating movement and depth. The artist behind this beautiful artwork, Tracy Nicholls, is always fascinated by erosion of solid forms disappearing over time. Tracy specializes in crafting delicate and fragile sculptures, favoring a simple monochrome palette that adds an exquisite touch to your home.

“What Inspires You? To know more about myself and my abstract mind, so I study metaphysics, alchemy, and what connects me to expand my consciousness." - Camilla D’Anunziata.

A sculpture made from meditation is Dualidade Sonora. Mixed-media artist Camilla D’Anunziata creates drawings that start to become holographic, seeing multiple forms and applications. Always finding connections, symbols, and dimensions, Camilla researches the expansion of her consciousness to further translate visual frequencies from other realities to be a connection point within people’s lives. Perfect for those who also seek connections, Camilla's works will hypnotize you!

From walking and photographing discoveries in Gunaikurnai, this series of ceramics was born. Inspired by the coastal area, tide changes reveal a rich material of inspiration such as sea sponges, shells, algae, kelp, and coral. Pulled in by the waters, nature creates a collage of colours and textures. Organic structures reel in artist Bettina Willner, who always considers the connection between material, form, nature, and memory in her contemporary works. Bring the beauty of coastal inspiration into your life by acquiring Bettina's unique ceramics!

June Lee's artistic endeavor centers around the "Bystander Effect," an often-overlooked social phenomenon serving as a narrative of the journey where individuals become outcasts within society. Utilizing the symbolic element of East Asian thread, representative of the thread of human life, Weight of Human emphasizes on the individual's role in society and the challenges faced by it. A powerful message that the experience of being alone can be acceptable and a significant aspect of our shared human existence, don't miss the opportunity to own a piece of art that sparks introspection and reflection.

The world of sculpture has been graced by the immense talents of female artists who have defied convention, shattered stereotypes, and left an indelible mark on the art world. As we celebrate the incredible contributions of female sculptors, let us also recognize the need to support and empower emerging talent in the field. By championing diversity and inclusivity in the art world, we can ensure that future generations of female sculptors have the opportunity to shape our world with their unique perspectives and remarkable skills. So, let us be inspired, let us take action, and let us continue to celebrate and uplift the voices of female sculptors, for their art has the power to inspire and transform us all.

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