Artist of the Month: Tetsuya Toshima


Artist of the Month: Tetsuya Toshima
<br>"Introspective Intuition" by Tetsuya Toshima</br> Digital print / 2015 / 30cm x 22.1cm / 11.8” x 8.7” / Edition of 60 / USD $310

Japanese-born artist Tetsuya Toshima has never been afraid to play with different textures and iconography through his visually captivating illustrations. Selected as one of sixteen artists to watch in DAZED and CONFUSED magazine, the artist obtains a unique style by merging and drawing upon aspects from pop-culture, fashion and nature into his work.

"Speculation" by Tetsuya Toshima
Digital Print / 2011 / 30cm x 21.2cm / 11.8” x 8.3” / Edition of 75 / USD $210

Toshima’s work focuses on the notions of temporality and existence. He explores the theme of time by layering and fusing traditional imagery with more contemporary ones. By introducing subtle spills of colour, the artist enables one to focus on the three-dimensionality of the textures and patterns within his work.

"Layer of pleasure" by Tetsuya Toshima
Digital Print / 2011 / 40cm x 40cm / 15.8” x 15.8” / Edition of 75 / USD $225

The multiplicity and range of methods in which the artist uses has been critical for Toshima in projecting a universal consciousness of time in his illustrations. By making them digital, he is able to manipulate and layer his works to produce ethereal, powerful prints that truly resonates with the viewer.

"Echo" by Tetsuya Toshima
 Digital Print / 2012 / 30cm x 21.6cm / 11.9” x 8.5” / Edition of 75 / USD $210

Toshima has had his work exhibited all over the world including: Tokyo, Hong Kong, Singapore, Los Angeles and Rome. His digital illustrations have also been featured in various magazines such as Vogue, DAZED and CONFUSED and Icon Magazine. He has also worked with notable brands and companies, which has reflected his activeness in all fields of art such as television, graphics, illustration, interiors and much more.



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