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Artspace @ Helutrans Opening Night!

As atypical authors of choreographic stories, n + n Corsino departs from the conventional stage, venturing into other fields of representation while exploring indeterminate and arbitrary spaces. They question the fundamentals of dance through their research into the nature and quality of movement and its relationship with writing, inviting spectators to go beyond the boundaries of continually (re)invented spaces.
Installation view of "SURF and SURFACES," an exhibition of works by French artist duo, Nobert Corsino and Nicole Corsino, otherwise known as n + n Corsino. Presented by Ikkan Art.
"SURF and SURFACES" is their first solo presentation in Singapore and Southeast Asia, and features their choregraphic works in a poetic and sensual amalgamation of artistic installation and digital innovation. This is the first time their work is offered to private collectors and institutions.
Silverlens Director Isa Lorenzo with works by Renato Orara. The show features works from "Ten Thousand Things That Breathe," a series of drawings on paper that the artist has been making since 1989. Each piece highlights objects or moments that Orara has encountered within and outside his habitat in New York. They are typically everyday things that the artist coaxes into being on a blank sheet of paper and fine layers of ballpoint pen ink. 
"Untitled, 06/2010" (from the ongoing series Ten Thousand Things that Breathe), Renato Orara
New works by Melissa Tan on show at Richard Koh Fine Art. Extending from Tan's previous solo exhibition titled "And The Darkest Hour is Just Before Dawn" (2014), "Arc of Uncertainties" displays further visual exploration inspired by the formations of lost asteroids and minor planets; remnants following the formation of the solar system caused by Jupiter's gravitational pull in which asteroids are prevented from merging with each other, thus breaking into minor pieces. 
Richard Koh of Richard Koh Fine Art
"The Garden in Eden", a solo show by Yunizar at Gajah Gallery. The restrospective show features the artist’s latest creations in bronze produced by Yogya Art Lab (YAL), alongside a selection of his seminal works from past years. Co-founder of the historically significant Jendela Group, Yunizar has garnered critical acclaim for his practice of negating aesthetic trends towards realism, forming instead a body of work that reflects an ideal of imaginative and authentic expression.

Artspace @ Helutrans, 39 Keppel Road (Tanjong Pagar Distripark), Singapore 080965

Opening Hours: Daily from 11am - 7pm.



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