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The Magical Light Installations of Hitoshi Kuriyama

  by Talenia Phua Gajardo
'∴ 0 = 1 - inflation' 2013, Fluorescent lamp, electric wire H3000 W7000 D5700 (mm)

Artist's Statement: "The beginning of this universe may have been the end of another universe. In this work I present the broken fluorescent light as being able to represent the remnants interspersed in outer space by the Big Bang, that is, stars and us human beings. The inside of the fluorescent tube is set to a high vacuum state to cause a discharge phenomenon, and the phenomenon where it breaks is similar to the origin of the universe. In other words, a broken fluorescent lamp (a kind of "annihilation") is caught as a metaphor of the beginning of the universe ("generation"). This work is "generated" ("creation") by "annihilation" ("destruction") and can represent an ambivalent event (production act)." 

∴ 0 = 1 - multiverse 2015
Neon light, glass, 1 x 10 - 5 Pa vacuum, wire, size variable 

∴ 0 = 1 - vacuum collapse 2014
Neon light, glass, 1 x 10 - 5 Pa vacuum, electric wire 
H2500 W5000 D7000 (mm)

∴ 0 = 1 - expansion 2010
Fluorescent lamp, electric wire H 3000 W 3000 D 3000 (mm) 



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