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Gillman Barracks GIFs Us Something Different with Noise x GIF Fest


Gillman Barracks GIFs Us Something Different with Noise x GIF Fest
A GIF by Singaporean photographer Aik Beng Chia


Love it or hate it (although who could possibly hate GIFs?!), the GIF is one of the internet's most well-loved mediums of expression. Short for Graphics Interchange Format, the GIF was invented by Steve Wilhite 30 years ago - a simple, flexible file format for lower-resolution pictures. Today, the humble GIF has been integrated into various communication platforms: from WhatsApp to Facebook Messenger, making it one of the most ubiquitous forms of cultural history, with GIFs going viral and becoming its own language in a way.


GIF by Wan-G (@wan_g)
Image courtesy of Wan-G and Noise x GIF Fest


This year, Noise Singapore and creative agency Kult presents the inagural edition of Noise x GIF Fest 2017, an immersive exhibition of over 50 original GIFs, including selected works submitted by amateurs to professionals, 35 years and under, through the Open Call held last month. Held from 5th till 11th October 2017 at Block 7 of Gillman Barracks, the festival will feature curated fringe activities including workshops, live performances, creative dialogue sessions just to name some of them.


GIF by Ella Tay (@designerinsingapore)
Image courtesy of Ella Tay and Noise x GIF Fest


Highlights include a workshop hosted by Singapore street photographer Aik Beng Chia, who will share how to transform photos into animated photographs, as well as a special edition of ‘Good Times’ featuring a live set between Kiat from Syndicate and Deborah Emmanuel, Singapore’s foremost spoken word poet. Other activities to look out for include a performance by electronic duo .GIF, a GIF making workshop for kids, interactive art installations and inspiring talks!


GIF by Xander Lee (@antarez)

Image courtesy of Ella Tay and Noise x GIF Fest


Over 500 GIFs were created to the festival theme 'Illusions' by both professional and amateur artists from across Singapore, and submitted to GIF Fest curators through an open call. 50 have been shortlisted and will be showcased at the Festival. Check out highlights from some of the shortlisted GIFs below:


GIF by Dianna (@diannaetc)
Image courtesy of Ella Tay and Noise x GIF Fest

GIF by Gad Tan (@gadtan)

Image courtesy of Gad Tan and Noise x GIF Fest

GIF by Audrey Marzin (@audreymarzin)

Image courtesy of Audrey Marzin and Noise x GIF Fest


Whether your are a j-i-f kind of person or a g-i-f kind of person, or even a g-o-i-f kind of person, Noise x GIF Fest 2017 is bound to be an awesome experience! For more information on the festival, you can head to their website here.



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