Artist of the Month: Ben Loong


Artist of the Month: Ben Loong
Ben Loong's studio in Singapore

Our Artist of the Month for October is up-and-coming Singaporean artist Ben Loong and his highly textured monochromatic canvases.

Singaporean artist Ben Loong


Ben Loong was born in Singapore, where he currently lives and works. His body of work focuses on lived realities and the human condition.


"Assay" (2017) by Ben Loong

Resinated drywall plaster and gold leaf on wood / 97cm x 147cm x 8cm / 38.2" x 57.9" x 3.1" / Unique Work

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Loong's most recent body of work is his series "Terra Blanca", in which he coats a board in a thick layer of plain white drywall plaster, creating undulating peaks and troughs and unexpected textures - effectively 'painting' with his chosen material. Despite being a humble material, Loong elevates it into the realm of art, using it ceate negative and positive spaces.


"Covergent" by Ben Loong
Image courtesy of the artist


The unique textures reflect the artist's own fascination with geography, drawing inspiration from the natural world. His "Terra Blanca" series is interesting in its use of a monchromatic colour palette; moving a round the piece the uneven surface casts shadows that constantly move and change based on one's position in relation to the work. In a way, it is very much reflective of our own multi-faceted and diverse lived experiences and the ever-changing world we live in.


"Divergent" (2017) by Ben Loong

Resinated drywall plaster and gold leaf on wood / 36cm x 29cm x 3cm / 14.2" x 11.4" x 1.2"

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Traversing the lines and curves, one might chance upon a glimmer - a sliver of gold - barely visible, you might even miss it in a blink of your eye. Loong accents his "Terra Blanca" works with flecks of gold leaf. It is part of his artisic exploration into capturing a fleeting moment in time. Loong has been developing this series for apporximately two years, experimenting with various types of plaster and materials.



See more of Ben Loong's works here.

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