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There’s an Art to Giving: How to Give the Gift of Art in 5 Easy Steps


There’s an Art to Giving: How to Give the Gift of Art in 5 Easy Steps
Consider art as an alternative gift for the holidays (Image courtesy of roomfortuesday.com)

So this holiday season, you’ve pulled yourself together and decided to plan your Christmas shopping early. Good for you! This means no more last minute Amazing Race dashes through the The Body Shop, mindlessly sweeping strawberry-scented soap sets into your basket three days before Christmas Eve.


Image courtesy of digsdigs.com

Now that you have more time to select a carefully-considered (if not, perfect) gift, you’re thinking about maybe buying some art for someone special - perhaps a loved one, or someone you respect greatly like a mentor. But where to begin? It can be daunting, and you might give up before you’ve even started. Art has a timeless quality and we’re here to help you make this all-important decision making possible!


Image courtesy of Houzz


Consider the person receiving the gift

Usually, art is something you give someone special, someone who you are probably close to. Think of something they like or enjoy and hone in on that. Perhaps this person enjoys taking hikes in nature - in this case, a watercolour landscape would be a good choice. Or if there is a destination they’ve always wanted to go to, you can give them an artistic photograph taken in black and white of that city to inspire them to take that trip!


Set a budget

It is easy to get carried away looking at Basquiats and Gauguins, but that’s out of most people’s price range. Have a clear budget in mind to help you eliminate anything that you wouldn’t even consider due to price. With online art sites (more on that later), you can even narrow down your options with a few clicks of a mouse! When selecting a budget, also consider the medium. Unique works like paintings and sculptures are always more expensive than something like an editioned print like a photograph or lithograph. If you’re new to prints we have a nifty guide here to break everything down for you!


Image courtesy of homemydesign.com


Think about space

Yes, a 5 metre wide painting may be a really impressive gift, but if that person lives in a shoebox apartment, there might be some challenges even getting it through the door! Choose something that would look good in their office or home, and can be displayed in a variety of versatile ways: hung on a wall, on the floor leaned against the wall, on a bookcase, or even on a bedside table.


Image courtesy of apartmenttherapy.com


Always frame the work

This leads us to our fourth point: framing. A good frame can always elevate a work of art, making a $100 print look ten times its price. Consider where your recipient might place their new art piece - as well as the work itself - to select the right frame. Custom frames, although beautiful, can get very expensive. You should always endeavour to frame the work, even if it’s using a store-bought frame. Go to your local framers and get them to cut a mat board that fits the print perfectly - a quick and inexpensive way to make the work pop! Here's a couple of framing tips that can further guide you on this.



Last but not least, is to add a personalised touch to your gift! Take the time to research your artist and their work and write a little note about how this work made you think of your recipient. Include a biography of the artist or an interesting fact about the artwork. It just adds that extra touch!


Image courtesy of stephaniesterjovski.com


So now that you’re an expert on how to pick out your perfect gift, you might wonder where to go to find art that would fit your budget. At The Artling we have hundreds of artworks in a variety of mediums for you to choose from. Use the handy filters to sort the works by medium, colour, and price to narrow down your options! If you’re really at a loss, as to how to choose your works, we provide a free concierge service to assist you in this undertaking! Simply drop us an email at contact@theartling.com and we’d be more than happy to help!

If all else fails, we also provide digital stored-value gift cards, giving the recipient the opportunity to pick out anything they like on our site - even the pickiest of them all would be hard-pressed to not find something they love.

This season, take this opportunity to elevate your gifting skills and give someone a work of art that they would treasure for years to come!



Any views or opinions in the post are solely those of the authors and do not necessarily represent the views of the company or contributors.

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