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Embark on a Lunar Exploration with Acorn Studio's LUNA


Embark on a Lunar Exploration with Acorn Studio's LUNA
Image courtesy of Acorn Studio

The moon has long been an inspiration for artists and dreamers. With LUNA, Taiwan's Acorn Studio has brought that source of inspiration down to earth in the form of an illuminated art piece. 


Powered by eco-friendly LED, LUNA comes alive at night with a warm glow. The coating was crafted with the idea of making it as long-lasting and durable as the moon. Thus, it is water repellent, heat resistant and anti scratch.

LUNA was recently used in a collaboration with well-known Japanese flower artist, Keita Kawasaki, in a work entitled "Full moon in spring"

Photography: Kiyo Nakajima

Acorn Studio is based in Taiwan, with a primary goal to create works that rouse people's emotions, to jolt them out of their everyday lives. LUNA does just that, serving as a reminder to go out there and pursue your dreams. The production of LUNA epitomizes this, with the creators receiving over 750% of their initial fundraising goal during their crowdfunding campaign via Indiegogo.com in 2015.

Image courtesy of Acorn Studio

LUNA's sizes vary, from one that fits into the palm of your hand, to the size of a bicycle wheel. The Artling has three sizes available on our site, get more information here


Find some inspiration from Instagram on how to style LUNA:




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