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The Artling's 2022 Holiday Gift Guide: Unique Design Items

ByJenevieve Kok
The Artling's 2022 Holiday Gift Guide: Unique Design Items

GARDEN BASIC Vases by František Jungvirt

As the festive season draws upon us, The Artling has put together a curated collection of Design gifts under $1,000 and $2,500 to get you into the holiday spirit of gift-giving! From quirky ceramic pieces to delightful lamps, these spectacular design items will ease your worries in finding a unique gift for your loved ones. Scroll down to find your perfect gift!  

Design Under $1,000


Region of Plenty is the ceramic design brand of Canadian artist Jason Schiedel. It was founded in 2020 to produce artisanal ceramics for use and contemplation. Jason is from Waterloo, Ontario and currently lives on the shores of Lake Huron in the rural town of Port Elgin. He studied fine art, earning an undergraduate degree in Sculpture/Installation from the Ontario College of Art, and an MFA in Sculpture from Cranbrook Academy of Art. Jason encountered clay as a Research Affiliate at MIT’s Center for Advanced Visual Studies. The experience inspired him to establish a ceramics studio, adapting his knowledge of the sculptural process to the unique challenge of working with clay.

In parallel with her profession as a fashion designer, Lola Mayeras developed a creative universe that uses clay as the main material. She approaches her design process like a clothing collection, combining recognisable shapes and objects into playful and colourful new designs. Inspired by her ceramicist father and infused with the light of the south of France, Lola creates each piece of her collection by hand. Her first series arose from combining vivid colours and diverted shapes into a whimsical and joyful universe.

Based in London, SANE is a design studio that focuses on hand-made ceramics. Their works are influenced by European art history and inspired by historical African crafts. SANE studio aims to evoke serenity and peacefulness through their minimalist ceramics. 

Jecmuse Ceramic Studio is a ceramic brand consisting of designs created with passion. Jecmuse approaches and understands each piece with an artistic flair and infuses inspiration and excitement with every step of the design process. 

Nicola Cecutti is a lighting and interior designer based in London. A graduate of Istituto Marangoni Milano, he assembles and transforms found objects to give shape to playful and dream-like sculptural pieces. The process involves constant exploration and experimentation with mixed media, including industrial building materials, to develop textured surfaces that strongly evoke the natural world. Some of his work resembles sprouting, oneiric plants, others seem to be ancient stones weathered by erosion and decay – all to highlight a connection to nature.

Design Under $2,500


Sarah Roseman is a Canadian designer based in The Netherlands who studied at Design Academy Eindhoven. She is passionate about creating a more beautiful world through materiality, and works on the boundary of textiles and objects. Through her playful and imaginative pieces, she aims to evoke a sense of joy. She is radical in her material choices to achieve sustainability through unique processes and new materials. As a designer and material researcher, she creates material archives which lead to the creation of unique objects or to be used as industry alternatives.

Ilona Golovina is a ceramic artist living in New York and the creator of the lifestyle brand Mugly.NYC ™. In her work, Ilona emphasizes irregularity – her shapes are asymmetrical and her textures are rough. Inspired by ancient ceramics, she intentionally leaves imperfections to imbue her work with a timeless feel. The textures, flaws, and unique variations transform the mundane into pieces both human and poetic. 

Australian artist and designer Bettina Willner's practice considers the connection between material, form, nature, architecture and memory within contemporary ceramics. Organic structures, textures, and golden glazes are characteristics of her sculptural pieces. She produces objects that sit between sculpture, painting and drawing. 

Laura Pasquino is a ceramic artist and designer based in Amsterdam. Before opening her studio in The Netherlands, she practised ceramic art in Japan and Portugal. Her style is defined by a natural aesthetic. She expresses herself through the textures and organic nuances of clay, creating minimalistic sculptures in pure and simple forms. The aim is to give character to the piece, rather than trying to make it perfect. She leaves her fingerprints and tool marks as they happen during the creation process.

František Jungvirt is a glass artist, designer, and glass painter based in Prague. He works across a variety of projects ranging from art direction to glass design. His work encompasses everyday products, gallery objects, and limited editions. He mostly returns to the classic references of Czech glassmaking which he associates with new impulses. He tries to move the technical and visual boundaries of the glass department. 

To view our full gift guides, click here for design items under $1,000 and here to view design items under $2,500! 

Order by 21 November to ensure your gifts get delivered in time for Christmas! Do note that some products may have additional lead times. Should you need further guidance or have custom requirements, get in touch with our expert curators here.

Any views or opinions in the post are solely those of the authors and do not necessarily represent the views of the company or contributors.

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