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9 Exquisite Design Pieces by South Korean Designers


9 Exquisite Design Pieces by South Korean Designers
Pair by Sogon Kim

21st century contemporary works of design are not only functional in nature but can also add a refreshingly modern aesthetic to your interiors. The pieces featured in this article have been created by South Korean designers. Each designer has found a way to embody a concept, as well as function and aesthetic within their pieces. 


Paw Side Table - Hakmin Lee

This side table by Hakmin Lee is part of the 'Paw Series' which encompasses surreal looking furniture pieces inspired by toy figurines, cartoons and street art. The textured surface of the 'paws' is due to the use of aluminum sand casting technique which gives this table it's tactile appearance. 

" the project began when the designer became fascinated by the blurred line that exists between art and design, luxury fashion and street fashion, high culture and sub culture."

Hakmin's primary ambition is to bring humour to our surroundings with the use of everyday objects, like this side table with paws emerging from below gripping onto the glass slab. His designs are the perfect way to add a touch of playfulness to one's space, while being easy on the eyes. 


oryu (error) - Jihyeon Yeon

Known for using 3D printing techniques, this piecehas been designed by Jihyeon Yeon. She uses the 3D printing machine which aids in reinterpreting classical forms as modern objects, with a unique composition. Unique supporters which are automatically formed from the production process of
3D printing technology combined with the original design to demonstrate the relationship between the two.

Use of the 3D printing technique gives rise to intricate details and a one of a kind textural surface. This unique object would make a the ideal minimalist centerpiece. 


Pair - Sogon Kim

Sogon Kim is known for her expertise in glass and experimenting with the material while exploring its various optical qualities. For this piece, Sogon played around with metals and their oxides and the effects they had when combined with glass. When looked at closely, one can spot the colours inside the glass adding depth and character to both the pieces. 

Molten tin was made to produce flat glasses, and tin oxide was added to glass to make the white colour seen in the glass. This piece is also featured in our 'Sleek and Stylish Design' collection which can be viewed here


Pattern of Industry_PF60-Stool 1 - oneseo Choi

Designed by oneseo Choi, the Pattern of Industry is furniture art converting functional aluminum profile which is mainly used in industrial sites into a new aesthetic substance. The use of anodized aluminum not only gives this piece its functionality but also an industrial and modern aesthetic. 

The cross-sectional shape of the aluminum profile was a veiled part. This design furniture is inspired by oneseo Choi's aim to experiment with new and different styles which gives rise to other unique design objects such as this which can add value and variety to our everyday lives. 


Console Table 04 - Saerom Yoon

This customized work by furniture designer Saerom Yoon is inspired by the experience of nature and translating it into furniture. His fond memories in the Philippines during hisearly childhood inspired him to use "acrylic" to express the light in various aspects of the sky and its immaterial space.

While coluring the acrylics, he also pours out all of his feelings onto the surface of furniture as art objects. The Artist processes these memories and thoughts and translates them into tangible objects and furniture which represent his experience of nature, while adding a stylish aesthetic to your interiors. 


Bubble - Jeongseob Kim

Jeongseob Kim focuses on the use of natural and hand-processed materials such wood, stone and metal. This is a side table made of fiberglass with a colour-coated finish. 

This piece of furniture has a very natural form which was made by randomly sticking soap bubbles. Just how a clump of cells can form a person, this collection of bubbles forms a whole and functional piece of furniture. 


Purity Series _ Low Table - Jihye Kang

Part of the 'Purity Series' of furniture, this low table by Jihye Kang is a combination of acrylic and stainless steel. Stainless steel has always been extensively used for industrial purposes, but this piece makes use of stainless steel to give it an edgy and modern touch. Depending on where the acrylic and steel meet, light refracts through the table in different ways. 

She finds a way to combine these two industrial elements to produce furniture with a sleek and minimalist style, while abstaining from decorative elements to obtain a 'pure' and bare aesthetic. 


Silicone LED Lamp DOZA - HAEYAJI Inc.

HAEYAJI Inc. is a Korean home-living design company that believes in the concept of our homes being our sanctuary, and aims to produce everyday objects such as lighting and furniture to boost this notion. The DOZA lamp is made with safety using silicone and a very gentle light. 

The soft light and the silicone shade helps create a relaxing and cozy atmosphere, so you can rest and recharge. It can be turned on-off with the touch of a finger and has a 256-level brightness adjustment. This lamp serves a functional purpose but also helps elevate the overall aesthetic of your homes. 


GRAFT - TIEL Design Studio

Created by Seoul-based Swiss-Korean designers Charlotte Therre and Joong Han Lee from design studio TIEL, GRAFT is a minimalist side table. The black lacquered ash wood highlights the beauty of the joinery, sublimed by every shadow and surface reflection. 

The numerous facets of this sculptural furniture is bound to make heads turn in any environment. The merge of traditional woodworking techniques with a contomporary twist gave rise to this very unique table. 


We hope you enjoyed viewing these exquisite design pieces by South Korean Designers. The Artling offers a wide variety of contemporary and collectible design by designers from all over the world - you may view more design pieces here

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