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AFP 2016: An Interview with Trickie Lopa of Art Fair Philippines


AFP 2016: An Interview with Trickie Lopa of Art Fair Philippines

Despite her hectic schedule, Trickie Lopa, one of the founders of Art Fair Philippines, was kind enough to take some time out to speak to us about this year's fair. Read on to find out what she is excited most about for this year's edition of Art Fair Philippines, and what to expect from the fair!


This year is the fourth edition of Art Fair Philippines – what are you most excited about in this year’s edition?

Every year, we take time discussing whom we invite to do special solo presentations for the fair. Discussions with these artists begin early on, and I suppose, these essentially kick off preparations for the forthcoming fair.  So, as it probably has been for the past four years, I am looking forward to our special exhibits.  We have nine artists who have a whole range of work to showcase.

Art Fair Philippines 2016 at The Link carpark

What are some of the new features Art Fair Philippines has implemented this year and what familiar favorites can attendees expect?

Our mission for the fair has always been to expand the audience for Philippine contemporary art, especially among the locals. The fair’s educational dimension is a paramount concern. To ensure that we emphasize these goals, we have partnered up with two institutions, the Ateneo Art Gallery and the Museum Foundation of the Philippines.

We've expanded the fair to occupy The Link’s 5th floor, which houses the fair’s lecture-lounge.  With the Ateneo Art Gallery, we’ve organized twice-daily talks which we hope will deepen the audience’s experience of contemporary art, and will spur their interest even further.

We’ve also heavily promoted our Beyond The Link program, primarily the tours to various museums put together by the Museum Foundation of the Philippines, the organization that supports the National Museum and its network.  We want to emphasize that the art scene expands beyond the fair, and there is much to see and discover. 

Trickie Lopa, one of the organizers & founders of AFP with a work by Raffy Napay

Filipino contemporary art has been making waves in the international art scene with artists such as Ronald Ventura and Geraldine Javier. What do you think we can expect from contemporary art from The Philippines in the next few years?

Hopefully, more artists doing work that will make an impact not just commercially, but critically as well. 


If you had only one hour to spend at the fair this year, what would you recommend as a must-see?

Definitely the special exhibitions.

One of the special exhibits at AFP 2016 - a work by Filipino artist Mac Valdezco

What future plans do you have for Art Fair Philippines in the years to come?

Allow us to get over the 2016 edition first!



The Artling is a Media Partner for Art Fair Philippines 2016. 

For more articles about AFP 2016 and the events happening in Manila this week click here.



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