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11 American Designers Reimagining Furniture

ByAmabelle Chandra
11 American Designers Reimagining Furniture

Image Courtesy of Ana Volante

Reimagining the future, American designers are experimenting not only in the realm of design objects and lighting, but also in furniture. Crafting products tailored for diverse spaces using a variety of materials, each designer’s unique creations are contemporary must haves. Blurring the line between art and function, read through below for The Artling’s collection of 11 American designers and their innovative furniture.

Founder of Ana Volante Studio, Ana is a Venezuelan designer who is based in Miami. Specializing in interior environments, Ana crafts furniture made from wood, cutting out edgy shapes to create contemporary pieces. Infusing each piece with a blend of cultural influences, her designs are timeless and modern, perfect for anyone who is looking for a staple piece of furniture for their living space!

French designer Arthur Vallin moved to New York at 2010 and became Creative Director for Harley & Company. Arthur‘s transatlantic journey has not only enriched his design sensibilities but is constantly discovering new techniques for creating innovative designs. His collectible design product are results of his experimentation with shapes and materials. Made from stone, the Chubby Stool is a collection that emanates a real sensation of a folded piece of stone.

“We believe that thoughtful design leads to a better world” - Slash Objects

An award-winning design studio based in New York, Slash Objects thoughtful designs transforms the experiences of people to the world. Fascinated with materials, The Adri Chair is a statement piece that combines timeless materials in a new way. Created by marble, brass, and recycled rubber, the elegant details highlight how minimal connections and clean lines form beautiful designs.

Hand built out of clay, the solid fluid spackle tool is a ceramic design made by Hayden Richer, a ceramic artist. Hayden’s works focus on mundane and monotonous, holding unique shapes into furniture. Hayden’s dedication to transforming the ordinary into extraordinary through ceramics is evident in her designs, a fusion of functionality and artistic appeal that promises to intrigue and captivate minimalistic interiors.

“Designing is really just an exercise in the act of creation. The joy and surprise is how did the design evolve from this little scratch of a sketch and then become this full-grown material object.” -Laurie Beckerman

Simplicity, elegance, and lightness describes the beautiful designs of Laurie Beckerman. Learning the craft of carving, she explored qualities that she strived to express in furniture. Wings of Steel is a playful design originating from metal, fitting for indoor and outdoor spaces. While the material is strong, the form has the effect of lightness about to take flight. Using cutting-edge laser, Laurie created strips for optical patterns in different angles.

“The design world provides a wealth of visual inspiration that allows me to see things not for what they are but rather, for what they can become” - Jason Mizrahi

Based in Los Angeles, California, Jason Mizrahi is a contemporary furniture designer. Finding a balance of timeless elements rooted in art, architecture, and fashion, V Tables showcase a visual tension form the balance of the circular platforms.Pointing forward, it seems to be in constant motion, engaging the viewer in a dynamic exploration of space and form.

“I dive deep into a realm of boundless imagination. From the initial spark of an idea to the final completion, I saver the journey of brining my visions to life. The studio is a sanctuary, allowing me to lose myself in the enchantment of creation, and in this space, I find creative fulfilment.” - Neal Aronowitz

Focused on designing and making sculptural furniture along with lighting is renowned designer Neal Aronowitz. A stunning debut piece as a designer, the Whorl Console, originally crafted from concrete canvas, has evolved to offer multiple editions, including sleek aluminum renditions. This remarkable console transcends traditional furniture, making a lasting impression with its unforgettable and dynamic presence that can effortlessly transform any room into an artful sanctuary.

Bridging the realm between practicality and playfulness, Philip Jividen is an Ohio-based designer creating familiar and unexpected designs. Inspired by the sky of the Earth, the Gradient Mirror is a minimal masterpiece that doesn't just serve as a reflective surface; it transforms into an artistic canvas, merging subtle color variations to mimic the serene, ever-changing hues of the blue atmosphere.

“I’m interested in furniture and lighting who forms suggest movement, dynamism, and instability.” - Aaron Scott

Characterized by geometry, symmetry, and engineering, Aaron Scottt has developed sculptural furniture pushing his boundaries. Using the medium of wood and imagination, his works are rhythmic. Made from wood, the N-series explores organic forms and negative space. Twisting together similar to a bone-like wooden base, these hollow designs will surely fill up your room!

Komolab, a studio in Louisiana, is creating beauty to be functional. Created by Kyle Comeaux, the Sweven Stool is a standout piece, designed to do more than just provide seating. It serves as a source of inspiration, fostering an environment conducive to focus and creativity. With its unique and captivating presence, the Sweven Stool becomes not just a piece of furniture but an integral part of your living space, adding depth and character.

Creating a line of unique bronze wares and home furniture, the design collection by Brian Chaaban infuses his creations with a deep reverence for the natural world. His handcrafted collection is a testament to his ability. Each piece in his design collection becomes a timeless embodiment of nature's beauty, inviting you to bring the outdoors into your living spaces.

As we delve into the realm of American design innovation, where boundaries between art and function seamlessly merge, we witness the future of design as it unfolds, where each piece is a testament to the boundless creativity and craftsmanship of these talented individuals.

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Any views or opinions in the post are solely those of the authors and do not necessarily represent the views of the company or contributors.

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