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An Insider’s Look: HighHouse

ByThe Artling Team
An Insider’s Look: HighHouse

Digital art by onformative. Image courtesy HighHouse. Photography by Ben Wee.

The recently unveiled HighHouse, an extraordinary day-to-night venue for nightlife and culinary experiences located at 1 Raffles Place, Singapore, includes a collection of awe-inspiring art realized through the vision of art consultancy The Artling.

Highlighting a rich tapestry of art from around the globe, HighHouse now boasts an art collection that spans a spectrum of mediums, including mixed media works, sculptures, and digital art. Accompanying the unrivalled views of the Singapore skyline, the artworks create a visually captivating environment that engages and delights the senses.

Project Information

Location: Singapore
Client: OUE
Interior Designer: Matthew Shang Design Office (MSDO)
Project Type: Hospitality
Project Scope: All spaces
Services Provided: Art Consultancy
Status: Completed
Artling Project Team: Kim Tay, Madi Amin
Year Completed: 2023

Process and Collaborators

Digital art by onformative. Image courtesy HighHouse. Photography by Ben Wee.

The art collection at HighHouse is aimed at transforming the traditional F&B dining experience, alongside the impressive interiors designed by hospitality-focused firm MSDO. The Artling worked with emerging and established artists from around the world to create a dynamic art collection. The collection includes works by media artist Naoko Tosa (Kyoto), functional art designer Eugenie Kawabata (Melbourne), Willem van Weeghel of Kinetic Objects (The Netherlands), Nicholas Ong (Singapore), Jacob Hashimoto (New York), Jung Lee (Seoul) and digital art and design studio onformative (Berlin). One of the larger pieces is onformative’s generative digital art which is featured on a spectacular 14m x 3m screen and changes throughout the day to suit various moods and settings.

Read on to gain insight into the intricate processes involved in bringing these pieces to life, from conception to placement in the physical space.

Digital art conceptualisation by onformative.

Artwork render of digital art conceptualisation by onformative.

The Artling collaborated with onformative, who proposed a series of artwork concepts centered around the themes of the sky, the passage of time, light and shadow dynamics, and the transition from day to night. The artwork was specially commissioned for the space, to be displayed on a massive screen in the heart of the space. The artist took inspiration from the geometric forms of the urban skyline of Singapore, and distilled these forms into the artwork. The artwork changes throughout the day, to suit different settings from lunch, to the evening, to nighttime.

Elevation view of Wall of Nature III by Viet Ha Tran.

Artwork mockup view of Wall of Nature III by Viet Ha Tran.

Viet Ha Tran's photography piece, 'Wall of Nature III,' adorns the women's powder room, occupying a specially crafted niche that enhances the space.

Artwork installation guide of A Relative Cage By Nicholas Ong.

Elevation view of Wall of A Relative Cage By Nicholas Ong.

Artwork mockup view of a Relative Cage By Nicholas Ong.

a relative cage is an exploration into the tensions between formal elements and the relative perception of colour. Placed in a private karaoke room, the artwork transforms the entire space at night, creating a glowing energy that enlivens the environment.

Detailed view of The Tragicomic Pursuit by By Jacob Hashimoto.

Detailed view of The Tragicomic Pursuit by By Jacob Hashimoto.

Jacob Hashimoto's expansive wall installation is a fusion of sculpture, painting, and installation art. Comprising bamboo-and-paper kites, model boats, and astroturf-covered blocks, the large-scale artwork meticulously constructs intricate worlds from modular components.

Placed above the staircase at L62, the artwork immediately catches visitors eyes and adds a vibrancy to the space with its depth and texture.

"It's great to see a public space in Singapore filled with artworks across such diverse media. It creates an engaging and inspiring venue that is truly unique and one that also contributes to the local cultural landscape." — The Artling’s Kim Tay and Madi Amin

The Art Collection

The art curation for the space — a dynamic ensemble of emerging and established artists from across the globe — has transformed HighHouse into a transmedia wonderland that offers endless discovery as guests flow through the various spaces.

Mixed Media Artworks 

Dynamic Structure by Willem van Weeghel. Image courtesy of the artist and HighHouse.

Artist Name: Willem van Weeghel
Artwork Title: Dynamic Structure
Year: 2023
Medium: Mixed media
Kinetic object with eight elements, computer controlled

The first artwork greeting guests in the lift lobby of level one is 'Dynamic Structure' by Willem van Weeghel, a computer-controlled kinetic artwork crafted by Willem van Weeghel. The artwork is constantly in movement, in a series of randomized, smooth transitions to create different forms.

The Tragicomic Pursuit by By Jacob Hashimoto. Image courtesy HighHouse. Photography by Ben Wee.

Artist Name: Jacob Hashimoto
Artwork Title: The Tragicomic Pursuit
Year: 2023
Medium: Mixed media
Materials: Acrylic, bamboo, paper, wood, and Dacror

Jacob Hashimoto's The Tragicomic Pursuit loosely references East Asian craft traditions. The work also draws from the visual language of weeds and invasive species; radio telescopes; as well as the architecture of churches and mosques built during plagues, all to ask: how might visual sampling exist at the root of identity formation?

Through his artworks, Hashimoto explores what it means to build an understanding of oneself from scratch, both as a denizen of the visually cacophonous digital age, but also as a Japanese American artist grappling with family histories of internment that resulted in shattered cultural inheritance.

a relative cage by Nicholas Ong. Image courtesy of HighHouse.

Artist Name: Nicholas Ong
Artwork Title: a relative cage
Year: 2021
Medium: Mixed media
Oil, acrylic and aerosol on canvas and LED lights

Nicholas Ong, a Singaporean artist, pushes the boundaries of installations and paintings in his experimental artwork, utilizing light as his medium. Working in a circular format for the first time, Ong segments the painted surface with uniformed strips of LED lights, which allude to the levels and hierarchy of simulated video games players experience.

The lateral placement of the lights encases the round infinite form of the canvas and builds a cage-like imagery. Ong likens the piece to his growing sensibilities from engaging in videogames and the simulated visuals that one receives from them which also begs the question of “how real is real?”. The contrasting rigidity of the lights with the organic forms of the painted surface speaks to the subtext of life and the evolution of reality and our surroundings.


Wall of Nature III by Viet Ha Tran. Image courtesy HighHouse. Photography by Ben Wee.

Artist Name: Viet Ha Tran
Artwork Title: Wall of Nature III
Year: 2019
Medium: Photography
C-Print on Dibond

Viet Ha Tran's photographic work, 'Wall of Nature III,' unravels like scenes from a psychedelic daydream, saturating the canvas with vibrant and potent hues. Its selection was deliberate, aimed at infusing energy and life into the women's powder room.

You Are In My Heart by Jung Lee. Image courtesy of the artist.

Artist Name: Jung Lee
Artwork Title: You Are In My Heart
Year: 2020
Medium: Photography
C-type Print, Diasec

Jung Lee's You Are In My Heart is from the artist's Aporia series. 'Aporia' means 'coming to a dead end' in Greek. The cry for love faintly spreading across the desolate places indicates the dead end of 'love' that cannot be solved with logic and philosophy. Jung Lee expects viewers to have a short but impressive trip daydreaming of their own love stories through this combination of neon, landscape and text.

Jung Lee began imaging the emptiness and lonesomeness behind the glowing neon signs of the city. And she started collecting the expressions of love and hatred that can be commonly found on the internet, TV or movies. What would happen if you took those common phrases into unknown deserted places? She created text with neon and placed them in this type of landscape. These hackneyed and banal phrases meet the deserted places –ushering you into a beautifully sparking moment.


Botanica Exotica Series by Eugenie Kawabata. Image courtesy HighHouse. Photography by Ben Wee.

Botanica Exotica Series by Eugenie Kawabata. Image courtesy HighHouse. Photography by Ben Wee.

Artist Name: Eugenie Kawabata
Artwork Title: Botanica Exotica Series
Year: 2023
Medium: Sculpture
Fabric, resin, acrylic paint, mixed media, alloy gold leaf

Descending from the main dining room, visitors are greeted by Eugenie Kawabata's 'Botanica Exotica'—a collection of gem-like vessels inspired by Melbourne's botanical gardens. These pieces artfully mirror the vibrant colors and textures of the natural world, providing a captivating glimpse into the exotic realm of botanical wonders. The display creates a striking contrast to the towering concrete jungle just outside the window.

Digital Artworks

Stills from Shan Shui Meditation by Naoko Tosa. Image courtesy of the artist.

Artist Name: Naoko Tosa
Artwork Title: Shan Shui Meditation
Year: 2023
Medium: Digital Art
4K Single Channel Video

Naoko Tosa's digital artwork, 'Shan Shui Meditation,' graces the Private Dining Room. Through the lens of a high-speed camera capturing a mesmerizing ballet of movement at 2000 frames per second, the piece immerses visitors in a profound experience. Its melodic and graceful nature adds an artistic touch to the space, engaging viewers in a captivating visual journey.

Digital art by onformative. Image courtesy HighHouse. Photography by Ben Wee.

Digital art by onformative. Image courtesy HighHouse. Photography by Ben Wee.

Digital art by onformative. Image courtesy HighHouse. Photography by Ben Wee.

Artist Name: onformative
Artwork Title: Urban Luminance Series
Year: 2023
Medium: Digital Art

A prominent highlight within the collection is onformative's digital artwork, showcased on a magnificent 14-meter by 3-meter screen. This captivating piece dynamically transforms throughout the day, adapting its visual presentation to harmonize with different moods and settings. The interplay of light and form in this larger-than-life digital masterpiece adds an extra layer of immersive dynamism to the HighHouse art collection.

Catch the full collection of pieces up close at the newly opened HighHouse!

A special thank you to ALL the talented artists who collaborated with us on this extraordinary project! If you found this captivating, we invite you to explore ASTRA — a convergence of steel, skillfully forged atop the same building, residing one level above HighHouse.

Do you need help with artwork for your hospitality projects? We'd love to hear from you! Contact our expert team of consultants here.

About HighHouse

HighHouse is a transcendent day-to-night nightlife and culinary destination where music, art, flavours, and conversations intersect. Spanning more than 10,000 square feet across Levels 61 and 62 of One Raffles Place, HighHouse offers unparalleled views of the Singapore skyline, making it the ultimate setting for meaningful connections, impeccable service, exceptional cocktail and culinary experiences, coupled with a progressive soundscape by renowed and emerging music selectors from Singapore and beyond.

About Matthew Shang Design Office (MSDO)

HighHouse brings you to an artistic transformation from the light-filled daytime to the fascinating violet hours at sundown—all thanks to the precise spatial planning of Matthew Shang Design Office (MSDO), a hospitality-focused international interior design consultancy office.

They work across a range of project types. Every project starts with an over-arching design narrative, framework and context for their design thinking and approach. From there, they create unique design outcomes and beautifully crafted interiors.

The team is responsible for creating award-winning projects such as Manhattan Bar, 28 Hong Kong Street, Hamamoto Restaurant and the classic Malmaison by The Hour Glass.

Clients go to them to create uniquely tailored spaces and solutions that bring joy. They have an international view, and this coupled with their detailed industry knowledge and experience allows them to explore a variety of design themes that translates the brief into a singular design solution. Their current projects are located in Singapore, Taipei, Jakarta, Melbourne, Sydney and London.

Any views or opinions in the post are solely those of the authors and do not necessarily represent the views of the company or contributors.

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