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Another Perspective - Thailand's Best Bath Forward


Another Perspective - Thailand's Best Bath Forward

Upon finish reading the now-a-TV-series book 'American Gods' by Neil Gaiman, one can't help but wonder: if there's a new God dedicated to every modern creation, would there be a bathroom God as well?

Silly as this might sound, modern bathrooms have undoubtedly been designed to become more of a unique station where we experience rare moments of refreshment, reinvigoration, and thoughts - not unlike a place of worship. And so objects and atmosphere in a bathroom will unmistakably have effects on us.

With 'Another Perspective 5', Thailand's leading manufacturer and distributor of high-quality tiles and sanitary ware COTTO have invited 7 groups of designers from 5 countries to create different 'shrines' that meets with the theme of  'Good Morning'. Held during the Salone del Mobile Milano, it is truly an annual 'pilgrimage' to honour the Bathroom Gods, so to speak.

Another Perspective 5 exhibition during Salone Del Mobile Milano.

From a plant lover's lush cabinetry to a minimalist's compact wonder; from a James Bond Island fantasy to a craftsman's zen space, with the help of curator and product design guru Naoto Fukasawa, 'Another Perspective 5' has definitely upped its game to become a collection worthy of global attention.

Here, we'll be featuring six of the latest designs together with some of our old favourites from the previous edition. Even though they might all be conceptual pieces, but with enough hope and 'prayers', maybe it'll inspire the Gods to make them into a reality. Fingers crossed!

Flask (L, 2016), Pond (R, 2016) by Ferréol Babin

Everyday Ceremony (2017) by Ferréol Babin

Ferréol Babin

Everyday Ceremony (2017) / Flask, Pond (2016)
Babin's "Everyday Ceremony" is a collection of wooden objects that takes inspiration from either religious elements (e.g. the altar), social traditions (e.g. the tea ceremony), or functional constructions (e.g. the tool chest). Not only were they able to create an immersive place, but they also use all our senses, particularly the foldable carved mat that evokes physical sensations of standing barefoot. Known for his lighting designs, his creations last year were inspired by details in the bathroom: "Pond" is a lamp that holds small accessories, while "Flask" reminded us of the different bottles placed together in our bathroom shelves. 


Lines (2016) by THINKK Studio

Growth (2017) by THINKK Studio


Growth (2017) / Lines (2016)
THINKK Studio wants us to refresh ourselves every morning in the bathroom, so they designed "Growth" - a collection of vertical plant pots which can be hung and arranged on the wall together with a mirror, shelves and trays. It gives the illusion of a vertical wall but with less ecological management. Their 2016's idea is even simpler: "Lines" is a wooden bench for shower area, which also doubles as a footrest when taking a shower or towel drying.


Circular Motion Mirror (2017) by Studio 248

Him & Her (2014) by Studio 248

Studio 248

Circular Motion Mirror (2017) / Him & Her (2014)
For the 3-men design team, "Circular Motion" was meant to create a relaxing sensation by combining the functions of a mirror and the decorative elements of a vase. This freshness can be experienced, even if you are not standing in front of the actual mirror. On the other hand, in their 2014 creation, a double vanity for him and her - hence the name. With both users having their space, getting ready for the morning hustle might be more pleasant and personalised.


Small Steps (2017) by Rui Pereira & Ryosuke Fukusada

Osiloi (2015) by Rui Pereira & Ryosuke Fukusada

Rui Pereira & Ryosuke Fukusada

Small Steps (2017) / Osiloi (2015)
Imagined a smoother transition from the realm of the dream to reality, "Small Steps" has gathered all the usual morning routines into a single marble structure, hence no more running around in a frenzy. On the other hand, a different set of rules governed the creation of "Osiloi" which was clearly influenced by bamboo. The whole set of bathroom accessories also has a lowered height so that the user can adopt the Japanese zabuton style and change the perception of both time and space while taking care of ourselves.


Ritual (2017) by NOCC

Ritual (2017) by NOCC


Ritual (2017)
French duo NOCC's debut for the collection is a monolithic basin that included 3 main purposes: water coming out of the faucet to moisturize, a small platform supporting the cleaning accessory (soap, scrub, brush, or even a candle!) and a towel hanging on the structure close to the basin for drying. What more do you need?


James Bond Island (2017) by COTTO Creative Design Office

James Bond Island (2017) by COTTO Creative Design Office

COTTO Creative Design Office

James Bond Island (2017)
One of Thailand's beauties - 'James Bond Island' was the design inspiration for this product: a stone-like structure that includes a  faucet, rain shower, and shelf. All in all, it is a "new refreshment" experience that allows one to immerse oneself in a natural atmosphere - perfect if one needs a resort feel but with a staycation budget.    


Another Perspective 5 will exhibit soon in Bangkok. Watch this space.

Any views or opinions in the post are solely those of the authors and do not necessarily represent the views of the company or contributors.

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