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Applause for the Newbies (Part 1)


Applause for the Newbies (Part 1)

At the Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing, newly graduated designers focus on interpreting the emotions and the relationship between humans and objects. Their delicate grasp of human feelings show what life truly is from a youth's perspective. From home and office furniture to watering tools, here are some of the unique designs from CAFA's Graduation Season of 2018:

Yue by Jason Chan (T), Excuse me by Han Yue (B)

Yue by Jason Chan

In life, we often need to carry out different activities in the same space. So designing an integrated product not only saves space but also meets different functionalities. Product designer Jason Chan's furniture can be disassembled into three parts: a cabinet, a movable wine cart and a "full moon" screen that provides illumination. When all three parts are combined, they can also be used as a console to welcome you at home.

Excuse me by Han Yue

How will people and products interact in the future? Although gadgets have made our lives richer, they have also secretly stolen our precious time. "Excuse Me" aims to tackle mobile addictions and focused solely on the scene at a dining table. When users try to eat while playing with their phones, their tableware becomes aware of it and feels disrespected, making angry noises or vibrating like a spoiled child. This way, "Excuse Me" makes use of future technology to make people more conscious of life and the present.

Shadow by Huang Shan (T), ORIGA by Shao Zhen (B)

Shadow by Huang Shan

With this vanity design, the designer tries to pay attention to finding relationships between people and their furniture, to improve the user's behaviour while getting ready every morning. By designing the door of the cabinet as modules, users are able to personalise the modules according to their preference. Inspired by lattice windows, the patterns on the doors also have translucent properties, creating beautiful shadows when lights shine through.

ORIGA by Shao Zhen

ORIGA is a product designed for co-working spaces. In its normal state it can be used as a screen, but when needed, it can also be folded like origami, into a seating area. At the same time, several screens can be combined together to form a relatively closed space, which can be used for small meetings or resting. ORIGA has the flexibility to meet the needs for use of co-working spaces, creates lively and interesting office atmospheres, and stimulates creative thinking and efficiency.

Infinity SOFA 1 by Tong Tianze (T), Watch&Sit by Wang Chen Yu (B)

Infinity SOFA 1 by Tong Tianze

Tianze's project uses Artificial Intelligence technology to explore how machines can understand creation. The concept is: to train their own AI assistant. So users will have to build a structured data model and input data like form, structure, colour and style for the machine to learn. To create Infinity SOFA 1, two distinct styles of data have been selected: the "Egg chair" by Fritz Hansen and the "Hill House chair" by Charles Rennie Mackintosh. By extracting parts with the most distinctive features and recombining them, a product with a unique style with hence be generated.

Watch&Sit by Wang Chen Yu

An object's condition can be a record of its user's behaviour. So by observing its changes, one might be able to recognise the user's behavioural change. With that in mind, Wang creates a bench that includes two seats that slide left and right. The seats can also rotate in any direction. People sitting on it will be able to adjust their posture accordingly. And when they do, the position and orientation of the seats will subsequently be recorded.

Nian Nian by ChunyuYang

Nian Nian by ChunyuYang

Life is not an endless river, but a series of sacrifices, rewards and pain. Thinking about life is like being in a maze. Inspired by his meditative journey after the death of his father, Yang's design may look like a glass table, but in fact is a watering tool that resembles a labyrinth. The Bird-of-paradise flower that was chosen and planted underneath further signifies a flock of birds gracefully departing to heaven, bringing along wishes for the departed.


Next-up: GAFA BA DEGREE SHOW. Watch this space.

Any views or opinions in the post are solely those of the authors and do not necessarily represent the views of the company or contributors.

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