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Applause for the Newbies (Part 2)


Applause for the Newbies (Part 2)

For Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts' graduates, there is an ultimate goal for designs to come to fruition. With that in mind, an array of ready-to-produce products emerged.

At the 2018 Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts (GAFA) Bachelor Degree Show, graduates from the furniture design faculty were asked to pay attention to and understand systematic thinkings beyond their current experiences and capabilities. They went on to work with seven Chinese contemporary furniture design brands, did market research, and learnt ways to transform their ideas into prototypes. Due to our era of building the "Chinese brand", industrial experience has become a vital aspect of designing: to not only gain skills that previous graduates longed for, but to also become an independent thinker. Here are some of our favourite designs from the show - who knows, they might show up in your local stores soon!

Lin Yin Tea Table by Cen Jian Ming (T), Leather Lantern by He Li (B)

Lin Yin Tea Table by Cen Jian Ming  

Whilst using tea tables, its top surface inevitably gets stained with water and needs to be frequently wiped. This tea table, however, utilises water stains as a design element. By using water-sensitive paint, any water stain turns into a different tone, giving the table new meaning. The user can also apply water as a temporary paint and create new ways of interacting with the tea table.

Leather Lantern by He Li

The leather lantern is a lamp made of a leather facade. By exploiting the toughness of leather, the designer was able to explore different forms that correspond with the lamp's on/off state. When the light is off, it adopts an idle, cylindrical shape. By turning the lamp on, it then takes the form of a traditional lantern. The shape of the lamp turned on is consistent with its function, and the contrasts between the shape of each state also presents a pleasurable experience for the user.

TWIST by Liu Ling Jun (T), Bowl Sharpener by Lvjiachun (B)

TWIST by Liu Ling Jun

Using playfulness as an inspiration, TWIST is a stool that focuses on experience. Elastic cords connect the seat and the base of the stool. As the user rotates the seat, the cords stretch accordingly to create a dynamic, sculpture-like decoration. The stool is also designed as flat-packable furniture, allowing users to not only experience the fun of DIY, but also satisfy their psychological pleasure through this game-like design.

Bowl Sharpener by Lvjiachun

Pencils might not be a popular writing tool of choice nowadays, but it still inspires designers to come up with new solutions. Lvjiachun's Bowl Sharpener, simply put, is designed by making the part of the pencil sharpener into a bowl. With this configuration, not only can all the pencil shavings be gathered efficiently, but also captures unexpected beauty - especially when sharpening coloured pencils. 

Jiu Chair by Zhaowen Tan (T), Ming.Liao by Wing Zhou (B)

Jiu Chair by Zhaowen Tan

This chair exemplifies the concepts of hard and soft . By using metal wire to create a structure that looks hand-drawn, the chair is created with a visual sense that tricks the mind into thinking it is soft but in fact is not.  Evoking the shape of a traditional armchair, not only is this chair produced without using any solder joints, it is also adhesive-free, making it unbelievably innovative as a "designer chair".

Ming.Liao by Wing Zhou

After in-depth study and research on the application of paper and resin, the designer has chosen to combine rice paper and resin to create a different kind of material. Using different textures and layering, she was able to explore the interactions between these new materials and light. Ultimately, the lamps created have abstract qualities that leave viewers to imagine the possibilities. The design also strives for balance between form and practicality.

Mix & Match by Zhang Shao Jun (T), Niu Niu Stool by Zhang Shi Qi (B)

Mix & Match by Zhang Shao Jun

Just like humans, every flower has its own unique language. Hence the vase can also be viewed as clothing, able to bring out each flower's essence.  By making the vase into different modules, users can then "mix and match" according to the flower of choice. Users will also be able to create an array of flower displays and at the same time, have a blast playing with the variety of decorative modules.

Niu Niu Stool by Zhang Shi Qi

This is a stool that is versatile and interacts with the user. When the seat of the stool is placed on the base, it can be adjusted according to the sitting posture of the user. The soft seat will be able to provide a warm and comfortable feel. Interchangeably, when the seat is directly placed on the ground, the user can then sit on it and whirl, much like a merry-go-round! The base can also be used for storage or as a small table.


Next-up: London's New Designers Show

Any views or opinions in the post are solely those of the authors and do not necessarily represent the views of the company or contributors.

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