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Art Central 2017 Highlights


Art Central 2017 Highlights
A beautiful day at Art Central 2017!

Art Central opens to the public today! If you missed out on the action, then check out our highlights from the fair below.

Uji Handoko Eko Saputro aka Hahan's "Speculative Entertainment No.1 Hong Kong Edition" as part of the Performance x 4A section of Art Central this year!


Sin Sin of Sin Sin Fine Art at her booth


Eddi Prabandono presented by Sin Sin Fine Art


A great start to Hong Kong Art Week with Art Central 2017


Colourful abstract pieces by Liu Xuanqi at Art Seasons' booth


Finale art File presents a solo exhibition by Paulo Vinluan at their booth this year


"Eyes" by Myung Nam An at the Art Projects Gallery booth


A close up of Myung Nam An's delicate cermaic works


A ceramic beetle made up of tiny butterflies by Myung Nam An presented by Art Projects Gallery


"Reflection - Change of the Angle" by Chae Eun Mi at Galerie Bahk


"Stone Story" by Tang Jie presented by Line Gallery as part of the Projects section at Art Central 2017


Tomoko Sakumoto wall sculptures at Tezukayama Gallery


Works by Anne Samat at the Richard Koh Fine Art Booth


A detailed shot of these beautiful installations by Anne Samat


"Recycling the old computer" by Wang Xingwei at Ren Space


Fair goers getting some reading done at the Art Central fair


"My local way of Life" by Santi Wangchuan presented by Yeo Workshop as part of the Projects section at Art Central


Audrey Yeo of Yeo Workshop at her booth at the fair


"Container II" by Cheng Che-Lin at Julia Gallery


Works by Osamu Watanabe


Ken Tan at Marc Strauss Gallery with a work by Entang Wiharso in the background


One of the works at Der-Horng Art Gallery


A detailed look at Chun Kwang Young's textured work at Jankossen Contemporary


Ye Hongxin at the Art + Shanghai Gallery booth


"The Perceiving Bricks" by Akira Miyamoto at Vinyl on Vinyl


An interactive work by Choe U-Ram at the fair


A corner of Kusama works at Whitestone Gallery's booth


An Infinity Net Painting by Yayi Kusama at the Whitestone Gallery booth



For more on Hong Kong Art Week 2017, click here.

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