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Art Lovers: Alan Lo


Art Lovers: Alan Lo

Name: Alan Lo

Profession: Executive Director, Classified Group 


Name three of your favourite Southeast Asian artists:

Rikrit Tiravanija, Ming Wong, The Propeller Group


What is your favourite gallery or institution in Asia?

Para Site 


What is an exhibition you've recently seen that you enjoyed?

Hao Liang 'The Virtuous Being' solo exhibition at Vitamin Creative Space 

Exhibition view of “Hao Liang: The Virtuous Being” at Mirroed Gardens, 2016
Image courtesy of Vitamin Archive

Can you tell us a bit about how you first started collecting art? What got you interested in collecting contemporary art? What is your process for selecting pieces for your collection?

My father has collected 20th century ink on paper works since the late 1970s so I sort of grew up in an environment where we would go to auction previews instead of theme parks on Sundays. When I came back to Hong Kong after 9 years in the States and UK I saw a lot of contemporary Chinese and eventually in 2008 I started to collect. The collection is pretty random to be honest. It was an organic accumulation of works based on interesting artists I saw in gallery shows and fairs. What was an Asian artist centric collection became more international in 2011 when I acquired the first non-Asian work.

Art can be found at every turn in art salon dining space, Duddell's
Image courtesy of Lifestyle Asia

As co-founder of the Classified Group (previously known as the Press Room Group) and Duddell’s, your projects often have a very design or art-centric focus. Why do you think it is important to integrate art with hospitality or dining?

Hong Kong is a small city where real estate situation is very cut throat making it very difficult for art businesses and platforms whether it's for profit or non profit. My idea with projects like Duddell's and the makeover of The Pawn is to provide an additional alternate platform to do interesting experimental projects that commercial galleries or museums are not able to do. For example our current project at Duddell's "Geomantic Intervention No.3" curated by artist Adrian Wong is a collectors' group show exploring the Duddell's space, art and Fung shui! 

The Pawn in Hong Kong that just underwent a complete overhaul
Image courtesy of Coconuts Hong Kong

You are involved in many other government boards and NGOs in the arts scene, such as Hong Kong Arts Development Council and Para Site. What are your thoughts on the art scene in Hong Kong and how it fits into the broader, regional Asian art world?

Hong Kong has seen significant change over the past 10 years. It literally went from having absolutely no place to one of the top places in the world cultural map! What's also really great is that Hong Kong artists have also gained a lot more recognition amongst regional/international institutions and serious collectors. With Art Basel Hong Kong as well as M+ in the making it will be interesting to see how our city develops itself in the coming 10 years.

The M+ Pavilion which has opened ahead of the museum in Hong Kong
Image courtesy of West Kowloon Cultural District

You are very active on social media, especially on Instagram (@alanyeungkit). What are your thoughts on the relationship between art and social media?

Social media has become a very important communications tool for the art world and is bringing about a huge shock to the system!!!! Nowadays we are bombarded with information left right centre.......  some are great yet there's a lot of trash as well! So it's crucial for one to be discerning when it comes to filtering everything that's coming through. To me instagram is more of a journal to document interesting things that I see when I visit galleries, museums and also during my travel, and of course all the food I'm eating in between! 

Food usually meets art on Mr Lo's Instagram profile
Image courtesy of Alan Lo


Five artworks in your collection

 "Another Plane" (2012) by Jeff Elrod, Acrylic and Tape on Canvas, 203.2 x 162.56 cm
Image courtesy of Alan Lo
"Christianity the first three thousand years by Diarmaid MacCulloch" (2012-2013) by Paul Chan, Oil on Cardboard and Fabric, 289.6 x 200.7 x 2.5 cm
Image courtesy of Alan Lo
"Wishbone" (2014) by Danh Vo, Cock Skeleton
Image courtesy of Alan Lo
"The Supreme Being" (2016) by Melike Kara, Acrylic and Oil Sticks on Canvas, 200 x 280 cm
Image courtesy of Alan Lo
"Untitled" (2013) by Harold Ancart, Oil Stick and Pencil on Paper, 197 x 131 cm
Image courtesy of Alan Lo

Name your favourite artwork on!

"Untitled" by Maria Taniguchi, 2014. 
Acrylic on Archival Paper, 114.3cm x 83.8cm / 45.0″ x 33.0″, Unique Work



Any views or opinions in the interview are solely those of the authors and do not necessarily represent the views of the company or contributors.

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